The circle change

i’ve worked really hard to learn to throw the circle change and i want that fading action to ur throwing arm side and on your site you said to throw the “circle” towards your target.But when i do that all it does is make the pitch hit the ground before it reachs the plate. Am i doing anything wrong? and also does the turning of your arm when you throw the circle change casue any amr injuries?thanks

Look up the Pitching Academy website-
they have a good video of explaining how to throw a change-up (actually, three change-ups- c change, circle change, and the claw pitch).

What do you mean- “turning of your arm”?
No pitcher should ever twist his arm.

I remember one time when I was having a problem with the circle change, and I talked to my pitching coach about it. He took one look at my grip and told me that my hand wasn’t quite large enough to form the complete circle on one side of the ball, and he suggested that I use a backward “c”—a half-circle. He also suggested that I move the two top fingers closer together and more off-center. Because I was a sidearmer, there was some wrist action when I released the pitch, and it had a nice little break to it. 8)