The best pitching combo

Hey there! I’ve got a question. What is the best pitching combo?


  1. Fastball
  2. Slider
  3. Sinker

Would that be a good combo? Or Fastball, slider, changeup? Just wondered. I’m going on 15 and wanted to learn some new pitches. Does anybody have a certain pitch they would recommend?

[quote=“Raven”]Hey there! I’ve got a question. What is the best pitching combo?


  1. Fastball
  2. Slider
  3. Sinker

Would that be a good combo?[/quote]

It really all depends on what works best for you so that you can 1) remain healthy, 2) throw strikes, and 3) record outs.

For me, the best combo was first-and-foremost a four-seam fastball, then a two-seam fastball, then a circle change, and then a knuckle curveball.

At 15 years old, work on the fastball, work on the fastball, work on the fastball. I can’t stress that enough. By “working” on it, I mean throw it a lot. Spend 10-or-so minutes, 4 or 5 times a week, throwing with a good four-seam grip.

College and pro coaches can teach off-speed pitches, but you’ve either got a fastball or you don’t… so emphasize it now, while you’re still young.

A good combo would be as Coach Ellis mentioned w/the FB.

1)4 seam Fastball
2)4 seam Fastball
3)4 seam Fastball

If you have solid command and movement of a FB, you can get hitters out on that one pitch all the time at any given in a game, even vs. the best FB hitters.

I included the change-up 2nd, b/c if you have a good change you’ve eliminated any advantage a LH batter has vs. a RH pitcher.

I included the curve b/c I feel when thrown properly it is less straining on the arm and is a more difficult pitch to hit.

after the fastball i’d definetly go with a circle changeup…i didn’t learn how to throw a GOOD changeup till i was about 18 and it made the hugest difference in the world

once you make someone look foolish with a changeup it will always be in the back of their mind making your fastball just a little bit harder to catch up to regardless of how hard you throw

circle change is a great pitch in high school. we really emphasize to our pitchers the importance of fastball location and having a good changeup.
we are really pushing our youth league coaches to start throwing the change instead of putting so much emphasis on breaking pitches.
we throw scripted bullpens using different combos

isn’t it a good thing to attack the batter with the fast ball until u get like an 0-2 count then u throw line a strike out pitch like cruve splitter change up?

yuo always want to attack with the fastball primarily but you have to be able to throw any pitch at any count including 0-0,0-1, 3-2.

The changeup can be the deadliest pitch in HS, especially if can throw it and make it look like a fastball is coming