The beginning

To start things off i attend Marin Junior college in the bay area. Our coach is going to have me start pitching. I pitched throughout high school and came in expecting to be a position player. I am usually a catcher so i have decent arm strength nothing special (yet). I threw a bullpen for my pitching coach and head coach before break. I was in the low to mid 80’s range. They both said i have the potential to reach the 90’s if i work hard and make the adjustments they suggest. One of the big things they said i need to work on is using my legs. Once i get that they said ill have decent jump in velocity.
A few things about me.
I’m 6’ 2" with more room to grow (My hands, feet and head are still kinda big on my body, and i have heredity on my side because my dad and uncles all grew a couple more inches in college).
I weigh 220lbs
I’m in the weight room a lot also.
Max Squat-385
Max DB Bench-100lbs
Max Barbells-275
My pitches are
4 Seam
2 Seam-Working on it
Change Up-Working on it

I welcome any and all advise. Especially pertaining to getting the legs involved. I’ll try to get some video up as soon as i can. I start full practices for the season on monday. Ill keep this updated as much as i can.

Let me tell you about “The Secret”.
What it is, in a nutshell, is getting your whole body into the action. Many pitchers make the mistake of throwing with just the arm and the shoulder, and what that does is make them more susceptible to injury, not to mention preventing them from attaining the speed they might otherwise be capable of. Getting the whole body into the action—driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous (and seamless) motion, enables a pitcher to generate more power behind the pitches, not to mention taking a lot of pressure off said arm and shoulder. The arm and shoulder seem to simply go along for the ride, and thus one is able to throw harder and faster with less effort. This is what you want to accomplish.
There are several drills you can do, for example the “Hershiser” drill which aims at getting the hips fully involved—you can find them on this website. I remember when I was a kid; I picked up on this when I went to the original Yankee Stadium many moons ago and saw what the Yankees’ Big Three rotation was doing and how they were doing it, and I started working on it on my own—the result: even with my lack of speed I was throwing harder and faster with less effort, my natural sidearm delivery got more snap and sizzle to it, and not a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore anything else n the bunch! :slight_smile: 8)

Sorry for the gap my internet went down.

Zita- Thank you for the advice, my coach actually had me do the hershiser drill last week! I’ve been working on getting the drive to the plate, rather than drifting to the plate.

Past couple of weeks have went very well, i have fallen into a groove at the plate and made some real break throughs. On the pitching side of things i threw in an intersquad against some of our top hitters. I did very well in my inning. Went 1-2-3 with 1k against some of our better hitters. I was only throwing 81, we did video though and my pitching coach went through it with me and pointed out a lot of things. In my mid week bullpen i worked hard on the leg drive to the plate and staying closed (i am trying to get my coach to email me the video so that i can post it on here). My coach and catcher both said i probably picked up 5-6 mph from the adjustments i made. Might be throwing in an intersquad today depending on how the field is after the wet weather we had.

We were able to get out onto the field and get after it yesterday. I got my inning and sadly the gun died during my warm ups. They did say i was 84 in my warmups which is very positive. My coach estimated that i was 83-86 because i was 84 while not finishing. I trust what he says, he’s been around the game for a while. Overall i gained 5mph in a week and half and i still have more waiting for me with a couple more adjustments. In my outing i should have had a 5 pitch inning, but there was an error compounded by a sailed throw, but in the end i threw 3 more pitches getting the next guy out giving me a pitch count of 8 lol As it stands right now i have a better chance of throwing than all the pitchers that are just pitchers, and not position players as well.

In the weight room yesterday morning did several plyo workouts, planks, bodyweight squats, then I did normal squats

3x8 225-275-315

Overall a great day

First game is tomorrow really excited, not sure where i will fall in the line up, the other day after my outing in the intersquad my coach said he wanted to keep me fresh (throwing only 8 pitches in the inning) so i don’t know if he was hinting at my possible throwing in one these first games or not. I think i may have a shot as our closer, of the relievers i am the most effective pounding the zone and gaining velocity. We’ll see though, any roll on the mound that will help us win I am fine with.

I noticed something during my swings in BP yesterday that i think could help my pitching, my coach told me to violently get my hips involved in my swing. I felt the explosive action my hips did and I am going to try to incorporate that explosion in my flat ground that i throw today, if i get that explosion i think another jump in velocity is in my future

This morning, another heavy plyometric workout, lots of squat jumps, lunge jumps, med ball, bosu ball workouts, and planks, tired me out, but thats good, anything to get better

Amazing start to the season, one of our sophomores threw a no no to one of our tougher non league opponents, and we also put up 11 runs, it was the best start in our schools history. Didn’t get in but I am more motivated to get myself on the level i need to be to get there (hitting wise obviously not pitching, definitely not going in if the starter throws a no no lol)

Another win today, dominate outing by our starter again, threw a bullpen after the game, felt good, was around 84, still not getting all the energy out of my legs. Need to really drive once my front foot lands, gonna do some towel drill before the super bowl tomorrow. Just got done with a 2 mile run.

Had the first college ab today ended up walking on 8 pitches. Made an adjustment in my swing and ended the homerless drought that i’ve been in, during bp, it was a long 6 months. Starting to find my groove

Not happy that i slept through my alarm this morning, will be getting my workout in tonight after practice. Game tomorrow pitching coach says i might be getting in on the hill. Going to do the pitchers throwing program with them today, should help my mechanics a lot.

Lost our first game yesterday. I ended up catching the last 3 innings, caught my best since i have been at my college. I also went 1 for 1 with a clutch hit in the 9th. Been doing the pitchers throwing program, seems to help a lot, more time will tell. Might get moved to 3rd base mid season, thats the way things are looking.

In workouts this morning we did a heavy core workout, gonna have a six pack in no time ha ha.

Will be leaving for Visalia CA tomorrow morning. I probably will post one large one when i get back because i doubt our “hood” motel will have internet

Weekend went great as a team, we went 3 and 0 against some of the better teams in the state, that puts us at 5 and 1 with the loss being a fluke.

I only got one inning and one ab.

Pitching wise i made an adjustment in the pen which was very foolish on my part, causing me to walk the only two batters i had an opportunity to face. My coach says i will have another shot, but i have been told that before. In my ab i hit the ball hard off the 3rd basemens chest but he was able to make the play and throw me out.

It was a real spirit crushing kind of weekend if that makes sense. Not being a starter and competing for a spot i need to make the most out of every opportunity i get and by performing poorly it makes it easy for the coaches to write me off

Pretty heavy downpour this morning and looking like its going to be for the rest of the week as well.

Got a good workout in this morning looking to do some supersets with chest and back tonight after whatever kind of practice we can scratch together.

This morning, dynamic warmup, medballs, bosu balls, plyometrics,

Then did some squats warmed up with 135x10 trying to touch my butt to the ground. Then followed with 3x8 going 225, 275, and 315, i failed on my last rep of 315 i just went a little to low and my braindead spotter did nothing luckily the guards were on, i still feel a little odd in my back, hopefully its nothing.

Began doing a speed workout that i will do everytime i enter the weight room. It consists of a superset of Reverse Lunges and Straight Leg Dead lifts, its design is built to open up the hip flexors and glutes allowing for better push off in a sprint.

I also am implimenting some yoga moves into my workout. Doing them before and after my workout, before and practice practice, after my night workout and before bed. Simple hip flexor and leg related positions to increase speed and flexibility, i will slowly add more where i see needs.

Our team got absolutely destroyed, we were weak in every facet of the game. Just an embarrassing day.

I was able to get in today which is good, my outing was not bad but not good at the same time. I came in with a man on second and a 1-0 count. I struggled at first with control giving up a hit allowing that run to score. Then i gave up a double so it was man on first and second. I struck out the following two batters. Then i forced a simple ground ball to the second basemen who then launched it allowing the runs to score, i then struck out the next batter finally getting out of the inning. I need to work on getting consistent mechanics. I wasnt throwing particularly hard i don’t think the gun died before i got out there.

I’m expecting a lot of running tomorrow, toying with a vulcan change as well

Body felt pretty sore today from the game and Monday’s workout. Coach was sick so we had a sub this morning who just let us work out on our own. To prevent further soreness i took it light.

Did reverse lunge/straight leg dead supersets and Yoga positions before and after workout.

a light DB circuit

and lastly i did some powercleans, kept it light today at 115 and 135 for 2x5 of each, legs are feeling the workout from the other day.

Today we will be run into the ground with out a game for 3 days and suffering an embaressing loss yesterday.

Well a large donation saved us today from some pain. Took our coaches mind off the loss a little. We still conditioned in the gym because of a massive rainstorm but it coulda been a lot worse.

Today in english i was browsing the forums and noticed something on swinging the leg up rather than lifting that im going to try tomorrow. See if it helps, i was really slow to the plate yesterday and this could help improve that and possibly increase velocity

Today practice was cancelled for a mental day off, i personally think this was stupid but its whatever, 8 pitchers still came to throw in the gym (since we are on day 3 of constant rain).

Throwing went good, arm is feeling strong, a little discomfort in the elbow, but not pain just stiffness, not worried about it, it felt a lot better today after some running yesterday. Pitching coach pointed out i need to get more front side extension which felt a lot better and seemed to add velocity. After a chat with the pitching coach i’m going to begin working on a splitter, i threw a couple and they were great. Sadly didn’t get to throw any flat grounds but will tomorrow, really excited to get back on the mound.

Another indoor practice, usual stuff threw okay, some were hard and strikes others were slow and balls, consistency is whats hurting me in every aspect of the game, ill have days when im great and days when i’m bad. It’s really frustrating.

Then we had a “State of the Staff” meeting. Basically got told i don’t really have a roll on the staff. That i need to compete for a spot. Makes me really think if the hopes of pitching have just been me being delusion. I don’t really know nothing i do on the field has felt right since we start playing. It really frustrates me because i have been busting my a** at everything. I guess i’m not working hard enough.

Well the key to being a great player and a great team is how you bouce back from losses, do you know how to lose and come back tomorrow to WIN. Good Luck and good to read your log!

Great advice. Thank you for the support!

Calmed down from earlier, I have a tendency of getting worked up over things that I really don’t need to. Just need to put in even more and it will pay off in the long run, the people ahead of me don’t work nearly as hard and neglect necessities like running. I’ll get to where i need to be. Its a long grind to become great.

Going to continue doing towel drill and ab wheel workouts during commercials when I’m at home, not wasting anytime

Took the day off yesterday, just kind of thought ways to improve yesterday. When this month ends and i need to go grocery shopping i’m going to buy much healthier food. I’m cutting out energy drinks, which i drink way to much of, snack foods such as cheese its or chips, and I am going to stock up on lots of fresh fruits, fat free options to everything. Going to eat a lot of Salmon and chicken. I basically took the recommended foods out of the P90x nutrition guide and put them on my grocery list.

Today i went on a bike ride over to the college and back about a 2 mile total i’d guess. Not very far for a bike ride, but my bike is really old and could break at any minute haha. I’m saving up for a new one right now so i can go on longer ones without worries of having to walk it back.

I also did a little baseball/core workout 5 times while i watched a movie.
It went as follows:

Ab Wheel Rollout x 10

Dry Swing Mechancis: Load, First movement, Extension, and Follow Through x 5

Towel Drill x 10

Catching Transfers x 10

The towel drill felt great i was really staying closed well and getting the drive i’ve been looking for, the consistency is improving as well. It went from maybe 4/10 being good to 7/10.

This week has potential for improvements as well, the two way players are going to start coming early to get the full pitchers throwing program in with out being rushed so we can get to our other position.

Also found my summer team which i am very happy for, its a 19u team that my coaches placed me on, i will be able to get a lot of innings on the mound and a lot of at bats!

Another mediocre day, thought my mechanics were good just to be told they werent