The Beast Within

As athletes, we hold within us an animal.
A beast that is waiting to be let loose.
A hidden power nestled deep inside, dormant.
There comes a time when the beast must be unleashed.
We can use this beast.
All of us can.
We can control it.
Use it to harvest and achieve greatness.

But if you use that beast to harvest hate, hate will use your beast against you. If you use that beast to harvest greed, greed will use it against you. If you use that beast for evil, evil will harvest your beast and consume you.
Now if you use your beast to be the best you can, you will gain a freedom that a beast deserves, who’s generous, thoughtful, courteous, and above all, grateful for the ability to share who and what you are with the world, and leave a truly rich and memorable mark on this world that everyone will see as honorable.

Great post.
Showed it to my son, a HS pitcher, he printed it out and taped it to his mirror.