THE average Velocity for 16 year old is?

Im 15 and 130lbs 5"9
80 mph on the mound

I just turned 14 and have maxed out at 84 mph and stand at a little bit over 5”10, thank you for letting me know I am over average😂

your only 14 so your not maxed out!

Ha. This thread is 12yrs old. How hard should it be throwing? But seriously, don’t worry about how hard everyone else is throwing. Work your butt off, and do the best you can do.

I’m 15 and I throw upper 70s maybe hit 80. Cut the bullshit everyone talking about how hard you throw. Only one person threw harder than me in all the 14u tournaments last year. And that was teams from all over the country.

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You probably don’t like my answer!

You are actually above average and you really should not push too hard on your body! Give it a chance to let your body to grow and the speed will come later!

Too many young pitchers burn out too early!

Speed is not the only thing! Chapman can pitch fast, but what is the point of pitching 100+ mph but can’t strikeout or get the batters out!

Work on your accuracy and secondary instead of focus on the velocity!

Good luck!