THE average Velocity for 16 year old is?


Im 16 and a junior in high school i throw mid to high 80’s. From what i see id say average is high 70’s low 80’s.


I’m 17, and new to the board, I throw in the low 80’s with my 4-seam, high 70’s with my 2-seam, 60’s with my circle change, 60’s with my curve. Hope that helps. But remember, it’s not the speed that matters. It’s commanding both sides of the plate, knowing the game, etc. Speed is always nice though. A lot of it depends on build, I think, and I have a pretty naturally strong arm and I’ve gotten very big. 6’4", 195 pounds.


I’ll be 16 in a few monthes and just yesterday i was clocked at 77 mph top speed. Average around 73.
Changeup 67
Curve 60


I think you guys should stop worrying about your velocity at the moment and focus on something like control while you are growing and changing. The velocity will continue to change, so there is no point in stopping to compare now. It is like comparing who has the faster car before the race.

No matter what your speed is now, you are all capable of the same results. Everyone here is capable of striking out anyone, or getting a ground ball for a double play. Whatever it is, you can accomplish it through different means. Baseball is a more tactical game than people seam to teach it now a days.


Right you are, “sunset”!
I have often wondered what’s with this seemingly undue emphasis on speed, speed and more speed, as if it were the be-all and the end-all of pitching. There’s got to be a lot more than just being able to throw 95+ miles an hour.
I remember when I realized that I would never be one of those rip-roarin’ fireballers, so I went in the other direction and became a very good snake-jazzer—a finesse pitcher with great control and a very good arsenal of breaking pitches. There’s room for us too, you know, and as has been stated in another post, we finesse pitchers (“junkballers” is really a misnomer) can be really nasty with the stuff we throw.
So I firmly believe that although velocity is a good thing, it’s not the only thing. Control and command, the ability to field one’s position, and other prerequisites for becoming a successful pitcher, all enter the picture. And you never know—somewhere along the line one can pick up a little more speed. I suddenly found myself with an 81-mile-an-hour four-seamer that my pitching coach told me was indeed a fast ball; it had a lot of movement on it, and I used it every so often to set up the hitters for my strikeout pitch—old Filthy McNasty. :baseballpitcher:


sorry about that. goodluck with that fastball


I’m 14 turning 15 very soon. I’m getting clocked around 77-79 right now, And my fastball runs about a foot outside from right-handed batters(i’m right handed). 6’1 about 165lbs. Hoping to get in the mid 80s my sophmore year.


I would say average speed is 75-78 mph.


And alot has to do with mechanics also.


Hey so please don’t give me any bs. I’m 16 I’m 6’5 190 and I go from 77-82. Is that average? Should I be worried? Or is that average for most pitchers


I’m 6’2, 205 My fastball runs in the mid 70s, but has topped out at 82.

Oh, and I’m 45 years old :wink: I’ll be pitching for the first time competitively since 1985 this weekend for an adult 35+ league game. Let’s hope my arm doesn’t fall off!

My son is a 14 yr old freshman - a lanky 5’9’ 125lbs who throws in the mid-low 70s. Watching him pitch, he doesn’t look like he throws fast - he isn’t quick and violent, but it still comes in at decent velocity for his size. This makes him deceptive - especially when he mixes in his off-speed. He’s looking to increase his speed, but I think he needs to concentrate on just getting stronger and making sure his mechanics and coordination are sound. Let me know what you think.


Yeah I am reading these speeds freaking out…My son is 15 and a Freshman…was clocked last year at 72 i believe…I bet 75 now…all yall 14s and 15s in the 80s I am thinking how the He!!..he is 6 foot maybe 140 pounds and a lefty with great movement so I have been happy with what he has done…pitched many games on JV, 3 complete and was called up to varsity but hurt his elbow and hasnt thrown a pitch on varsity…I am hoping he gets mid 80s as a lefty and it helps get him into college but that may be wishful thinking…playing on a 16u showcase team this summer with a former major league pitcher as the coach. So I hope that helps him


If I remember correctly, Lincecum was throwing 84 as a 5’-7",130ish freshman. But then again, he’s a freak. :slight_smile:

As he grew stronger and his body matured :roll: , he was throwing 88 as a 5’10", 135 pound junior and peaking out as a senior at 93, while still weighing 140ish.


That is stupid - almost every year a few high school kids hit 100.

It doesn’t matter what they weigh - they have to compare to people that might weight 50lbs more.


people are forgetting that this thread is meaningless. It isn’t where you start, it’s where you finish.

I was 72 as a freshman, have added close to 20 mph since then. But I also know people who were 72 as a freshman and never improved or worked and didn’t go on to play college baseball.


Couldn’t of said it better myself lanky


I have a 15 year old player in NJ has a 83-84 fast ball with tail, touches 85. 67 curve ball,knuckle and slider. Also ran the 60 yard dash in 6.85 .

He has patient at the plate works the count, he is a contact hitter plus power. 5’10 150/ gonna be a sophomore. Knows and loves the game also covers short stop , center field and catcher.

We went USA last week met a 16 year old, 6’1 tosses 90-91 touches 92 MPH. He was not selected for nationals last year. I assume it was from accuracy. No movement or maybe hot head I don’t know. Maybe a potential liability,

So it

Really matters very little how hard your throw ,beyond high school. What matters is can you throw strikes off the plate,? does it have movement? 100 MPH fast ball straight over the plate you will get rocked…PERIOD.

You may make a great out field if you have speed and can throw on target.

MLB scouts look for 86 MPH Min if a lefty and 88 if right. At least. !! but you better throw strikes


100 MPH over the plate is getting you drafted in the first round. Guaranteed.


Stetson Allie is a prime example. And he didn’t even have to prove he could throw it over the plate.


I would think the numbers would be a little higher than that for righties.