THE average Velocity for 16 year old is?

I’m 15 I’ll be 16 in a few months and i throw 84 mph

another thing you have to remember is that not all great pitchers throw 100mph take joe kelly for example, he can throw 100mph and sucked as a starting pitcher but a decent reliever, a fantastic example of a pitcher that didn’t throw hard was Greg Maddux he threw around 86 mph and is in the hall of fame

This thread pretty much confirms a “rule of thumb” I have seen for measuring desired top velocity by age: Age x 5. The rule is not set in stone, as there will be exceptions due to timing of physical development, differing talent, etc., but it is useful for gauging where you are in relation to your age. So, generally, on your 14th birthday you should be around 70+/-; 15th around 75+/-; 16th around 80+/-, 17th around 85+/-; 18th around 90+/-; 19th around 95+/- and in MLB! (just kidding on that last one :grin:)


beginning of freshman year I was around 74 then at the end of freshman year I got up to 78 at 5’8 130 lbs. mid July I was up to 82-83. Now I’m 15 as a sophomore on varsity with season barely starting and touched 86-87 as 5’11 155lbs and turning 16 in june. Is this on the right track?

I’m turning 15 and throwing between 77-80 MPH with a movement on my two-seam fastball. I’m 6’1 and around 140 lbs. Is this something that scouts would look for?

Your velo is well above average for your age (actually on the high end for 16yo). I’m not sure what you mean by will scouts look for this? You need to a few years older to get attention from scouts, also should be throwing 90 consistently (assuming you mean MLB scout). I’m also split on the 2sm fastball… yes scouts like movement on pitches however, there are sources saying that opponents batting average is highest against 2sm fastballs.

Anyways, it seems like you are at a good stage being well above average for velo and only 140lbs which indicates most of your velo is from good genetics. Hence over the next 3 years you should attempt to go from 140 -> 190, and that should really help making that jump to 90mph @J23

My kid turned 15 last month and is a 5’9" 120 lb LHP going into his sophomore year.

At his last tryout he hit 70-72 consistently on the radar gun, yet the only thing I hear is how he needs to add velocity.

Is this because he has to “play up” with 16u’s on account of his graduating class, or is it because his fastball truly needs more zip?

He works on strength/conditioning/speed 3x/week starting in mid June and hopefully through winter. He also does some of the top velocity Olympic style lifting.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

He’s a stringbean, real struggle trying to get him to add weight.

I’d say average for that age is high 70s. I’m not sure though.

My son is 14, rising freshman. He was clocked at 79 at a 15U summer tourney this weekend. He is 6’1 165.

Which age?

My sons age at the time was 14 but he was playing with all 15 year olds.

For a 14 year old, 72 is way above average.

For a 15 year old it’s average.

Per velocity chart I’ve seen from Top Velocity.

We just played a whole summer of 15U baseball. Most tournaments were 16U so we played against a lot of rising sophomores and rising juniors. We played regionally, all over Texas, so a good representation of local talent but not likely that we saw any national level talent. 80% of the velocity I personally saw was under 75. Some radar comfirmed and some “eyeballed”. We maybe saw 3 kids all summer who touched 80 mph.

My kid played both 14u and 15u regional level this year and I can basically confirm what was said above.

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You guys know he’s like 25 right now, right?

Im 15 and 130lbs 5"9
80 mph on the mound

I just turned 14 and have maxed out at 84 mph and stand at a little bit over 5”10, thank you for letting me know I am over average😂

your only 14 so your not maxed out!

Ha. This thread is 12yrs old. How hard should it be throwing? But seriously, don’t worry about how hard everyone else is throwing. Work your butt off, and do the best you can do.

I’m 15 and I throw upper 70s maybe hit 80. Cut the bullshit everyone talking about how hard you throw. Only one person threw harder than me in all the 14u tournaments last year. And that was teams from all over the country.

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You probably don’t like my answer!

You are actually above average and you really should not push too hard on your body! Give it a chance to let your body to grow and the speed will come later!

Too many young pitchers burn out too early!

Speed is not the only thing! Chapman can pitch fast, but what is the point of pitching 100+ mph but can’t strikeout or get the batters out!

Work on your accuracy and secondary instead of focus on the velocity!

Good luck!