The Art Of The Knuckleball in 10 Steps

Okay so I realize most people don’t throw a knuckleball nor will they see a good one in their life. I was hoping to expand on knuckleball skills her on this site. I’ve learned alot of tips on it from knuckleballHQ community.

Here’s how you should get started:

  1. Make sure above all you have good fastball mechanics, this will allow you to always have velocity on the ball.

  2. Find a comfortable grip for you, personally I throw 4 seam 3 fingered where as some people go 2 seam 2 fingered, it’s all about preference and hand size. Some people even throw off their knuckles.

  3. Get a consistant release, do not push the ball you need to as they say fire and follow. Do this by extending fingertips out at release to follow the ball and kill spin.

  4. Make sure you are getting velocity and don’t shot put the ball, throw it with fastball mechanics, no velocity means no movement.

  5. Get throwing off a mound so that you are used to the push off you need and all the differences of throwing it off flat ground and a mound.

  6. Test it in practice on batters to see if it is moving ask them after practice, you can get tips on what’s good and bad.

  7. No spin is not neccesary, it is actually ideal to have 1/4 or 1/2 a rotation so that the seams change and air can move the ball.

  8. Throw different speeds so they aren’t all lobs and they aren’t all hard throws, timing can be everything to a batter against a k-ball.

  9. Make sure you mix a few fastballs and other pitches there now and then to keep them off balance so they don’t wait on everything.

  10. It takes a long time to master this, I’ve been working on it 6 years now and finally it is good enough for a game.

That is a good list. I’m also a member at knuckleballHQ and i learned how to finally get mine to dance.

One thing i would add to your last tip is to always mess around with different amounts of pressure on your fingers. That is the key to atleast getting my knuckler to move. It also took me about 4 years to really master it.