The 1-1 Count


What’s the best pitch to throw in a 1-1 count? Does it vary depending on righty/lefty, guys on base, number of outs?


Now there’s a good question and a question that can, and could, go in a lot of directions at once.

Let’s see if I can address, one of many answers.

I’ve been of the mind-set that a pitcher comes to the game with his best stuff -that day/night. So, coupled with that is the coach’s responsibility to use whatever “best” is available for that game, situation and so forth. Now in the amateur ranks that’s a hard sell. So many variables to deal with that have/has, nothing to do with baseball. But that’s for another topic.

So, let’s use a builder of a house as an example to illustrate where I’m going with this. An architect designs the structure, lays out the floorplans, itemizes a legend of specs, materials, dimensions and so forth. This “plan” is a rough idea of what’s the thing going to look like, as well as satisfying the wants and needs of its occupants, blending in with the surroundings and within the $$$$ market of potential buyers. Now comes a job site captain and others that put together landscapers, diggers, masons, carpenters - rough and finished, drywall installers, electricians and plumbers, just to name a few. Each has a specific time and place during the construction of the home. So does the timing of materials being delivered - where and in what quantities.

Putting together a pitching staff is something like building a house. Plans, affordability, compatibility, personalities, qualifications to meet specific needs - when and where, are all mixed together. When the shopping list is just right, timing of these people to converge is a wonder in itself - trust me on this. In fact, I am, and have been, amazed that stuff works at all, after all the pushing and pulling that goes on.

Ok… now to address your question. A job site captain wouldn’t send in a plumber to lay the concrete foundation to a home, nor would a mason be called up to layout and install the plumbing needs of a home. I say this as an educated guess … but I digress. So would be logical to send in a pitcher that not only had the right stuff for the job in it’s entirety, but tor a 1-1 count… with or without runners on… the inning to be played and a ton of other stuff. A lot of planning and information gathering is necessary to “fit” the right rotation for the day/night, to do the job that’s expected and in a way it’s expected.

My comments are of course in the ideal, the perfect world … and as we say …"And if the world was flat…"
In the real world to be part of so much planning, charting, statically probability, personality stroking and other stuff going into a schedule … only to find the right guy for the job, knocked out of the game because of “whatever,” then turn to Mr. Knucklehead on the mound, who literally hates Mr. Clueless as his battery mate. For some reason the Stock Market price of shares in Maalox stock just went up ten points.


Does it depend on righty lefty? Sure, I suppose.
Guys on base? For sure, you don’t want to throw a wild pitch which would allow the runners to move up or even score.
Number of out? No

It depends on what the first 2 pitches were and how the count got to 1-1. Was it a strike looking or swinging? What was the first pitch and what was the second pitch? What inning is it and what is the score? What did the batter do in his previous ab"s. Has this hitter ever faced you before?

By the looks of your picture Danny, I would just throw a fastball for a strike on the outside part of the plate.