Thanksgiving Day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.
Thanksgiving day is held as a national holiday of celebration
to give thanks and praise to God.

The Pilgrims immigrated to America not so that they could worship God freely, but so that they would be able to worship God in their own way without distractions.
In Holland, the Pilgrims were free to worship God, however, their children became influenced by the Dutch (they spoke Dutch and wanted colorful Dutch clothes- the Pilgrims believed in plain clothes).
Therefore, in order to keep their children true to God, the Pilgrims moved to America.

In 1620, the Pilgrims arrived in America on November 21st.
They held the first Thanksgiving feast the next year on November 24th, 1621.
In 1777, the Continental Congress sent out a Thanksgiving Day proclamation, as did President Abraham Lincoln in 186?.
We carry on the tradition by celebrating our blessings annually.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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