Thanks Steven Ellis

Just wanted to say thanks for putting together the page showing and describing the different grips for various pitches.

I printed it out the other day and my 8 year old read everyone of them all on his own and was interested in the “beginners curve”. So, while playing catch he threw it to me a couple times with not much success but he tried. Now, before I take too much heat I know all about NOT having kids throw curve balls until in the teens but he was curious so I let him try while I supervised.

Which brings us to last nights game; we were up big and my little guy got put on the mound and was doing pretty well picking off the first batter at first-base after he got a hit and then striking out the second batter. The third batter had made a huge hit off our best pitcher in a previous inning so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My little guy threw a fast ball for a strike on the beginning pitch and was feeling good so I told him to try the curve and he shook his head “no”, fiddled with the ball in his glove, came “set” and began his motion. I see his hands break and his finger sticking out as he’s coming over and watch his wrist snap downwards and see the ball break out-to-in and up-to-down and land perfectly in the catchers mitt and ‘Blue’ gives the sign…STRIKE! The smile on my little guys face was priceless!!! Not bad for a first attempt from the hump! He proceeded to throw a change-up the next pitch, which landed in dirt and then a fast-ball striking out the kid and ending the inning and game.

Fun to watch and he was flying high after the game!

now here in our province. We have to be at least over 13 years old before we are allowed to throw a breaking ball.

Now if the umpire saw that the ball curved at all, the ball would be ruled a ball, and he would get a warning.

The rules are implemented to save pitchers arm.

Doesn’t matter if you are supervising him or not.

One wrong arm action or one wrong snap and he could be injuired

Being injuired at a young age, would basically me he is screwed, his muscles are very fragile and still growing. So ya i would not be getting in a habit of doing this

The most recent articles on pitching and curve balls say that they are no more harmful on a pitchers arm than a fastball as long as the curve ball is, “THROWN PROPERLY”. The issues come when players don’t throw them right, I would think that at 8 or even 9 or 10 the player usually can’t repeat his mechanics all the time in order to continually throw the pitch the right way. Also younger players tend to tire more quickly and therefore have much more of a risk to throw the pitch different. All of this would still indicate that players probably shouldn’t throw curveballs until they are maybe 12-14 years old…just my opinion on this one.