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I have a pitcher that you would class as the glide uber stride type. Your videos
on Ventura and Bukauskas have led us to the conclusion that a shorter stride with a more direct path to the plate might be reasonable to look at. Previously, I thought this technique was reserved for much bigger body types. Now I see the rotation into foot plant and the advantages that has for hip and shoulder rotation. Even if nothing comes of it for him, it has been fun to explore.

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I pitcher like Sonny Gray has the physical tools to take a very long stride and still be rotational. Most will not be able to come anywhere near his stride length and brace the stride leg or rotate optimally. Time much better spent elsewhere IMO.

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I would never make the stride length the goal. Its a product of the action and efficiency of the center mass. (top of thigh-belly button)

Proper mechanics will lead you to a longer stride if your glide kinesiology is geared for a long stride. Your stride will come naturaly. But you cannot tell some to stride longer to find proper mechincs.