Thanks for all the advice

Hey guys this is the freshman catcher. This past year on the jv level I started to try to impliment handiling pitchers into my skills. Right from the beginning i knew it would be a huge undertaking, but with some of the posts you guys left it made it much more helpful. By the end of the season all of the pitchers wanted me to start when they did, and the coach started letting me call my own games. In this summer league im playing varsity thanks for all the help guys,but there is still so much to learn.

Congrats. THat is the reason this forum is here. Now that you have started the process and are moving along quite nicely, keep watching as much baseball as possible. Look at hitters swings and correspond them to the way that other pitchers throw to them. Maybe even jot notes when watching a pro game on tv or a college game. Watch what the best players do and learn from that. Keep up the hard work.