Thank you Steven Ellis


I’m not sure if anyone has done this but I just wanted to thank Steven Ellis for creating this site for all of us to be able to come on here and “talk pitching”. It’s good to see all of the different points of view and opinions on here for parents, players, and coaches, for people to be able to get questions answered even if they have no one to physically help or work with them, and without people having to be ashamed to ask questions. I’m not sure if there are many other sites like this one but you can see that Steven cares about helping and wanting to see pitchers of all age, size, and skill level getting better. So again THANKS Steven Ellis on your dedication to the Pitcher position, the number “ONE” position on the field.


Ditto. And thank you also for the administrators and other knowledgeable people who take their time & share wisdom on this board.


Thanks for the thanks :slight_smile: It’s a lot of fun. And certainly the good people here make it possible so thank you for being part of our extended baseball family.


Agree, big thanks. More than just baseball, this site is a nice escape from all the horror in the news. And the “newness” of the site is now a thing of the past … just don’t change it again anytime soon!


Thanks for being part of the community. The previous design version of the site was launched in 2005 and went unchanged for 10 years, so look for another site re-design in 2025 :slight_smile: