Thank you, LTP

I would like to thank Mr. Ellis and everyone at LTP for this website.

I am just a baseball dad trying to help his kid, but what I have learned here in a few months would have taken me decades to learn on my own. Simple things like balance and posture and glove side control are so fundamental to a young pitcher’s success, but no coach in my area has any concept of what they mean or how important they are. My son’s pitching has measurably improved thanks to what I have learned here. As his pitching has improved, his confidence has grown and he is enjoying baseball this spring more than ever.

Roger, laflippin, jdfromfla, JP, Zita and everyone else, you are providing a tremendous service. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom. :clapping:


Right back at ya, Doublebag… :clapping:

There is a big bunch of really sound, generous baseball people at LTP–I feel really grateful to learn from the experiences of so many terrific coaches and pitchers at this forum.

There is literally no other specialty forum for pitchers like LTP; certainly there is no other pitchers’ forum with the avid participation of so many good people.

And that right there is why we do it. Awesome!

Thanks la!

FYI, the admins are very well aware of this, we discuss it, we base decisions around it, and we consciously try to keep it that way.

Dino, 101, Hammer, Wales Diesel, Spencer, Centerfield, KC86, Pustulio, Baseball Bum, LankyLefty, JRNavarro, raiderbb, future kaz and even Ristar and O’Leary…throw in an occasional CoachXJ and of course my boy ACDedmon…memorable…never forgettable…all of you I consider my friends. This is such a decent place 8) visited by some great minds.

What a great place and very well run!