Th Best of the Thanks Giving Holiday to all

Here in Massachusetts we’re about to celebrate Thanks Giving, and like most of the country we’ll try and enjoy family and good times.

Speaking for my family and myself – we wish you all a safe and wonderful
Thanks Giving Holiday.

Coach B.

You, too, Coach! My wife and I will be driving through your neck of the woods, on I-90 West, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to spend time with my family in Utica, N.Y.

Have some of that authentic Massachusetts cranberry sauce for me. Unfortunately, in Upstate NY, for some reason, we can only get it in the can :slight_smile:

If you were out here in the land of the cactus and the coyote, you could have prickly pear jelly.

Happy T-giving!

We gots gator tail and datil shrimp…with some japaleno jelly :oops:

I’m headed to Niagra Falls for Thanksgiving. That’s if they’ll let me across the border. What do the Canadians eat for Thanksgiving, eh?

My bet is it comes in a 6 pack or a keg :drunkard: :mrgreen:

[quote=“Dino”]What do the Canadians eat for Thanksgiving, eh?[/quote]Had it already.

[quote=“jd”]My bet is it comes in a 6 pack or a keg [/quote]Is there another option? :reallyconfused: Can’t imagine a good Turkey dinner without some Keiths. :no:

Dm… every dinner? :shock:

[quote=“Bakersdozen”]Dm… every dinner? :shock:[/quote]Not quite. Just playin’ up the ol’ stereotype. :smiley: Not just Canadians in general but Maritimers specifically.

Oh I was going to say your posting in a drunken stupor!

Just kidding… :roll: :lol: