12 yr. old, 5’2"

Nice look. He looks solid and very competent.
Keep him having fun.

Looks way above average for his age. You’ve got to keep that lefty throwing he’s got talent.

i like this guy. he’s got an idea. only recommendation i would make is think about lengthening the stride. i love the tilt and how he gets those hips out in front. nice use of the body. this lefty is on his way.

I believe Dusty is referring to the tilt towards 2B while he is still closed off - not the tilt towards 3B as the pitcher comes through shoulder rotation. I agree this pitcher looks pretty good for his age but I would keep an eye on the tilt towards 3B. Without a front or rear view it’s hard to tell how significant it is and whether it warrants correction. But I would suggest making sure it doesn’t get worse.

He is tilted heavily towards 3b as you’ll see in this video. Any suggestions on how to keep him moving towards home?

roger is exactly right. i like lefty’s to stay toward the first base side, not the 3rd base side. he’s also losing his glove side . that’s the 2 things i’d fix first, don’t try to fix too much at once. great looking kid.

Thanks everyone for the comments! We have been working on the removing the tilt towards 3B and he looks much better. The GS still needs work and it is something we’ll work on. I’ll get more video in January for the new season.

Whoa! His head is sideways at ball release. :shock: Yep, that definitely needs to be fixed. It affects release point, steals velocity, and adds wear and tear to the arm.

yep. keep that head in the tunnel moving straight to the plate. looking good.

I agree with the glove side comment, in the first video, I see the glove get out front and then start to pull back but then it just seems to give up right during the motion. The second video has a more pronounced drop of the glove hand and might be why he buried it. Otherwise he looks great for at 12u, good luck.