Terrible control

i have horrifying control

this is my first year pitching

i top at 78

im just in a starter league

i tried focusing on the glove… but then it just runs in on RH batters


i can get it close to the strike zone on the times that i miss

i dont miss by all that much most of the time… but when i do MISS


like by a few feet

and i also tend to throw high even tho i have a long stride

Sounds like a timing issue. Opening up too soon and you’re throwing arm is “flying out”.

Maybe you’re stride is too long? If you want to keep the stride, make the upper body catch up to it.

or maybe your just over throwing, and this results in being wild. Try slowing down by 2-3 mph and work more on control than velocity.

man you’re such a liar. Didnt you say when you play catch you have no control and when you throw it hard you have perfect control?


coach is telling me to slow down all my pitches and now im having control issues

but if i throw how i feel comfertable he said he wont play me cause the umps suck and havent called anything that fast


coach is telling me to slow down all my pitches and now im having control issues[/quote]
This certainly has the potential to mess up your timing.

Huh? There’s a speed limit?

If there is an issue with the umps, then you may be better off not pitching if doing so means practicing bad habits. That won’t help you develop in the long run. I mean, adapting to an umpire’s strikezone is one thing. But altering your mechanics and/or timing to throw slower for an ump is ridiculous.

so i just dont pitch? :frowning:

I really don’t have a good solution to your problem. But I just don’t see making the changes your coach wants you to make helping you develop in the long run. They’d have you practicing doing things slower and less explosively with different timing. How can that be good for you?

what roger really means


[quote=“3and0”]what roger really means


Dude shut up. Why would he lie about that? How would he benefit from lying about something like that?