Tennis Ball Difference?

So here’s the deal. My dad and I always go out to the baseball fields every day to practice pitching/hitting. But the thing is usually they are always full (softball players, soccer players, etc.) So, we go to these tennis courts behind the stadiums and just play in an open/available tennis court. Sadly, there is this weird rule that BASEBALLS or any other hard balls are not ALLOWED in the tennis courts :frowning: This has been going on for around 2 months now, and I’ve gotten used to pitching a tennis ball. Does this involve bad consequences? I heard somewhere that a tennis ball is lighter so when you throw a baseball after it seems really heavy. I also heard that you can’t throw a tennis ball as fast as a baseball and you can’t get a lot of movement on your pitches. Thanks in advance for sticking with my LOOONG story :joy:

Dude stop, you’re like 13 yeah? Throwing a Tennis Ball hard will only lead to injuries, especially if you do it every day. I credit my UCL tear to both overuse and messing around with light weighted balls. (Ahem Blitzballs i’m looking at you). Throwing a Ball lighter than a baseball actually produces more stress on the arm than throwing a regular baseball, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing and if you’re doing it a lot. Not only will it hurt you, the weight, size and density of the tennis ball will destroy any feeling you have for a real baseball. and yes, your pitches will not move as much.

TLDR don’t do that, wait your turn for the baseball field or go somewhere else unless you want to chip away at your elbow and shoulder.

I can’t say one way or the other about tennis balls and their impact on your body. But if you have concern, here’s what I would suggest:

  • Cut a small slit in a tennis ball.
  • Put a tube of commercial silicon in a calking gun and inject the silicon into the ball.
  • Let the silicon harden, then toss the ball back and forth.
  • You’ll still have the look of a tennis ball, but the weight should be enough to give you the feel of a baseball, sort of.
  • I wouldn’t suggest taking a bat to the thing. Just toss it back and forth.

As an alternate suggestion, get a baseball ball and paint it green. But, just be mindful of the company that you keep and those that are playing tennis while you’re toss the green thing around.

And if all this doesn’t work out, surprise you dad with a nifty backhand!

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I’m not an expert. But I think it is probably bad. Get used to a baseball again and you’ll be good =)

:slight_smile: Thanks!

I’ve heard the pro’s and con’s of this from time to time, and I can’t support either way. However, every winter the kids on my street pepper each other for hours with snow balls, I mean a lot of snow balls, and I don’t remember any one of them going under the knife or complaining about … sore this… sore that. But then again, I never asked.

Interesting topic. I’d like to see some quotes about this subject from college pitching coaches.