Tennis and Baseball?

What do you guys think about playing tennis as a form of conditioning?
A few pitchers and myself went into the tennis bubble at my school for the first time today and played for hours. Tennis is not something that i thought would be fun, but I guess I can enjoy anything that keeps score. I’ve heard of tennis elbow but I’m not really sure what it is… do you guys think it is a good thing to be playing tennis or a dangerous risk?

A number of the youth pitchers that I coached last year played volleyball in addition to baseball. I found that before I could let them throw a bullpen, I had to ask them not only when they last pitched but also when they last played volleyball. It turns out that spiking and overhand serving in volleyball puts very similar loads on the arm as pitching. I would imagine that swinging a racquet in tennis - especially when serving - would also create similar loads on the arm.

So my recommendation is to be aware of your tennis loads in addition to your baseball loads and manage it appropriately.

Also, young pitchers should shut down their overhand throwing for a couple months each year. I’m thinking this restriction should extend to other, similar activities. Being a college level pitcher, this might not be as important for you.