Hey guys… is there anyway you can “beat” chronic rotator cuff tendonitis if you’re a pitcher… I have a minor case of it but sometimes the pain is absolutely horrible. I ice daily, and I do throwers 10 almost every day too. I’ve been throwing lately and been going to the gym and it hasnt gotten better. I had legion tryouts over the weekend, 2 days 5 hours each day. It turns out that they were extended to yesterday and… actually right now (6/3) but I cant go because well… nobody can bring me to the town they’re in b/c it’s a tri-town team. It’s somewhat of a downer having this because if I didnt have the tendonitis, I woudlnt’ be worried if I will make the team or not.


rest for how long? and i don understand why my arm isnt getting any stronger if i go to the gym and lift there… and i also do the throwers 10 daily along with icing

1 of my teachers used to have tendonitis in his rc and I was talking to him about it and he said that he started to swim and the more and more he swam the better his shoulder felt till the itis pretty much went away… I think im gonna take up swimming this summer …

When i had it i shut down my arm on a sling for 2 or 3 weeks i cant remember. No hitting or nothing and once you get there start working out again and start throwing from the bottom up. Also ice 3 times a day and take some ibeprofun but the icing and resting alone should help. See what a doctor says

you have to rest its the only way

yeahh i workout at the gym probably 3 or 4 times a week… i don’t do any like “baseball” workouts… i just do like… chest and back on the same day. then like bi’s n tri’s & forearms… then like legs… but i do tubing everyday… and I haven’t thrown for a little under two weeks… I think I might start up again LIGHT in maybe another 2 weeks? does that sound good?

Sounds good if you want to keep the itis. Working out is not rest. You need to kill the inflamation.

yeah but hamm… how am i supposed 2 get bigger n stronger… if i cant lift or whatever… If i do just like legs and core n stuff would that be fine while my arms resting? cause i got a gym membership a few weeks ago thru labor day cause it was like $75 till labor day so i cant put it to waste. how long should i rest my arm for… cause i rested it from like… april till like the end of the yearl ast year… but i didnt start off with long toss i jus startedp itching cause we had these clinics with this pro who used 2 go 2 my school… so idk but keep the advice comin guys… thanks

yeah man well its tough when you have an injury like that. Your gona have to sacrifice getting bigger and stronger. Its much better to wait and rest till your 100% then to keep agrivating the itus. If you start up before your fully healed it will just return and that couple of weeks that you spent resting will just go to waist. Im not a doctor or anything but ive been to them plenty of times with elbow strains aches, pulls, itus everything you name it. And everytime i go there they tell me the same thing. REST. I hated it but its the only option. Once you get back 100% just work your butt off to get back into shape. getting these injurys actually helped me because once i recoverd id research ways to get these parts stronger, so just take it as a learning experience. But the only thing you can do is REST. that means shut it down completley. I would say go to the gym ride the bike to keep your stamina still up and your legs loose. and when i broke my hand my coach said to do leg curls and extensions but not to over due it because you dont want to get unbalanced. Good luck man

yeah but how long should i rest for?

go see a doctor and hell let you know

mccovey… ive been to a doctor 3 times this year already… the same guy, and he took an mri and stuff and then i got minor chronic r.c. tendonitis… i went to therapy for a month. .gave me exercises… still do em. idk wtf 2 do anymore

Yeah well the only advice i can give is what i said before. get a sling put it on and take off a month completely SHUTDOWN. Not just sports, try an not to move it at all as much as posible. Ice 3 times a day everyday. take some motrin. And then how it is. You cant cheat this out. If you start to throw or do stuff with it itll just start the pain all over again and you just wasted a bunch time. You gotta be patient its the only way. Sorry man. It sucks but REST is the only way. Unless you want to try some ancupunctures which only stops the pain but doesnt fix the problem.

alright mccovey… ill give it a shot sir… thanks

well i got a ? then… say i rest it till the end of the month… how should i start throwing again like rehabi t i guess or w/e… but also… if i should just rest it… does that mean no like exercises for it with tubing?

Yeah man you shouldnt really do anything with it. Cuz tubing and all that will still cause you to use those tendons in your elbow. When you get good few weeks done you shouldnt try to do any long toss or anything to intense yet. Just play some catch til you feel comfortable with your arm to start throwing harder again. Only you know your body. but try and take it easy. I know for me it took me awhile to get comfortable throwing hard again because i was scared that if i began trying to throw my hardest again id hurt myself all over. But you might want to reconsider your release point weather its 3/4 or over top side arm or watever. Cuz i slightly lowered my release point and i havent had any elbow issues for about a couple of years now.

but see i got the itis in my shoulder… not my 'bow… thats the only difference. My elbow feels fine when I throw. Yeah i felt the same way though… like last year when i started throwing again, I didn’t wanan to try and throw my hardest cause i didn wana hurt it again

You still need to rest it. then take it slow

till its better