Tendonitis Workout

I know ive posted a bunch of these things bout the itis, and people say get a throwing program. Well I cant see a doctor right now, but I was wondering if any 1 who has had tendonitis could possibly share their info on it cause i know dustydelso, you told me to look at ur prev. posts… and i did for about 3284 hours, but couldnt find anything.

tendonitis requires full rest underneath the pain to get better. you then must get a jobe style workout to strengthen the joint. it is a rest recovering injury which is not what you want to hear right before the season starts.

yeah you’re exactly right dusty haha… thanks though… any advice on where i can find a jobe style workout?.. becuase i was thinking about having to throw like Dr. Mike MArshall teaches if any1 saw that on the news a few nights ago… I think it was 6 or 630 on NBC on thursday night. ill get a link if any1 wants it. its real different… but idk it seems like it could work?

post the marshall video but i wouldn’t recommend it. it has little track record and very few people will know what you’re doing.

i know i posted the jobe stuff we do. i’ll go back and see if i can find it. if not just do a search on jobe exercises there are some good videos out there.

Dude, you need to kill the inflamation first! That means rest. The “itis” doesn’t go away without rest brother!

yeah well thats why i thought from taking off like half the year last year from summer to january would work, but i think it’s because I didn’t come back properly throwing wise, i just wentback into like pitching again… which was stupid on my part. how long do you think it normally takes to get rid of the inflammation

Well I thought I would chime in with a thought.

Often tendonitis is a misdiagnosis for tendonosis. Tendonitis is acute inflammation. Tendonosis is chronic degradation of the tendons. If it is tendonosis, it’s not as easy of a fix.

thanks cf… i think im going back 2 the doctors this week or next, so ill keep ya’ll updated… but does any1 know a jobe style workout, cause i googled stuff and couldnt find anything

went to the doctors today… took some xrays… negative for everything. Gettin an mri on tuesday then gettin the results wednesday… anything i can do from now till then… should i throw light or que. thats what for all u non spanish speakers

yea i agree you defenitaly need to heel first. i would wait until i have no pain and then start to stregthen your arm to aviod aggrivating it.