Tendonitis Recovery

Hey all. I have recently just finished pt for elbow tendonitis.

Any suggestions for getting my arm back in shape?

What has your Physio Therapist/Doctor said? Have you even asked your Physio Thearpist or Doc?

“Any suggestions for getting my arm back in shape?”

Just as Wales said…but throw in ensuring your entire body is properly conditioned. Approach it from that aspect, too many guys focus on the damaged part and forget the rest…a sure recipe for another injury. If you are entirely cleared just build your throwing program just like you are coming off of active rest.

I wish you guys were playing Clay this year. Politics stink…I know and have coached a couple of guys that are Sr’s now for you guys and they played with and against some of our Sr’s since little league. Too bad really.

take it slow, thats my advice

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Im probably going to stick to the tubing until about Mid Jan- Feb. and then do a modified version of Tuff cuff. i was planning on starting That program when i got it right before the Triple Crown Nationals, but then i decided to see a doctor around October 17th. I just finished my PT last friday.