Tendinitus/ other arm and body injuries when pitching

ok scericoully what is tendinitus? and what other injuries can pitching cause, and how do they occour?

As for tendinitis, its an inflammation of a tendon, for pitchers, usually in the elbow.

As far as other injuries go, there are too many to name, elbow injuries, shoulder injuries, leg injuries, there are just so many. Many of these are because of overuse, not warming up properly, or bad mechanics.

ok, i think i had tendinitus during hockey season in my right soulder and it felt like my shoulder was on fire and it totally drained my energy

I had tendonitis last year, as well as a dislocated shoulder :frowning: . Needless to say I went from throwing mid to high 80s to low 80s, but I’m building arm strength. For tendonitis the best remedy is rest and ice your arm.

Not an easy question to answer. Check out this
http://www.nationalpitching.net/Press.asp?][u]news release[/u
on the NPA website about how the NPA and the Andrews Institute (yes, that Dr. Andrews) are going to collaborate to identify precursors to injury.