Tendinitis in Knee BIG problem or SMALL?

Hey guys a while back i kinda hurt my knee tagging a guy out at shortstop and i went to the doctor and he said i had tendinitis in my knee but its not like really bad he said take ibuprofen, ice your knee every chance u get, work out ur quads i have done everything except Work out cuz technically working out out in season screws up my throwing. it still kinda hurts but is it really that big of a deal like sidelined deal cuz on the mound it doesn’t hurt just like if i play shortstop i have to run out there run back and it kinda hurts doing that. any replies would help!!

Based on what you’ve described, it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal. However, until you do the prescribed strength conditioning, it is likely to linger. So you really should get on that after your season ends. In fact, that would make for some good active rest by working on your lower half and giving your arm a rest.

One thing I’ve found to help reduce the pain of tendinitis is to wear one of those neoprene supports. They retain body heat and that seems to help.

ya the doctor recommended that but if i wear it and go up and down stairs or move a lot it hurts worse than witout wearing it!