Temporary Tendon Pain?


on the right diagram in the forearm is where it hurts almost right on top of the elbow joint and a little before, the pain is only temporary, but it takes like all strength out of my arm and I can barely swing a bat. It goes away within a half hour or so with not using it. I am just wondering if anyone else has the same thing.


Is there a way you can highlight were your having the pain? I Was guessing were your pain was at because i have a sore pain after pitching but the pain i have, you cant see in these pics :evil:


Sorry about that

Right there it like makes it so that it is painful to move, but I haven’t felt it recently.


Yea im having pain in that area too and i read up alot on it and it could be either Tendonitis or Bone chips… im trying to arrange a x-ray or something to check up on it i suggest you do too 8)


Yea I am going to try and arrange one too.


i tried adjusting some mechanics of mine and noticed that i was recoiling after my follow through so i stopped recoiling and i wasnt getting pain in my elbow like i was before so that might be a thing to consider if you do that… when my elbow is healed like in 1 or 2 weeks im going to try a pitching session and see what happens :wink:


Cool, I found that I was cocking my hand behind my head too much, so I am leaving it straight out there, I don’t get the pain anymore, but I am still considering the x-ray. Let me know how the session goes.


Yes sir as soon as im not busy to schedule one which will be a while ill do it :lol: