Tempo/getting it going sooner?

Ok Since I have been throwing harder and changed my mechanics I think tempo and speed of movement has more to do with it then gettign it going sooner.

I now think the faster you go in control the faster one will throw. Instead of getting it going sooner.


I think that you need to stop making useless topics, but that’s just me.
lol just kidding. A fast tempo like Verlander/Lincecum have will certainly help improve velocity.

Quicker tempo=getting the hips going (to the plate) sooner. They’re the same thing to me.

Starting forward sooner is part of moving faster. It allows you more time to get up to speed. If you don’t start foward sooner, then you have less time to get up to speed.

You can go fast without getting it going soon. But I think speed is better to focus on because then you don’t need to worry about getting it going sooner. I just don’t like the term Getting it going sooner and I don’t think telling people that will help them and click in there head most of the time but telling them to go faster undercontrol is better.

There’s nothing wrong with the cue of getting the centre of gravity going sooner. It aids in “getting it going faster”. Sooner, faster, longer. Sounds good to me.