Alright, well I’m more of a cold weather person and the weather report said it’s 87 but feels like 92. I’m sweating from sitting down. If you were pitching on a day like today how could deal with the weather? I have a hard time cooling off and our league starts soon and I was hoping on getting a few cooling off tips.

I pitch better when its really hot. My circulation is poor in the cold, making it difficult even to get a good grip on the ball. That’s just me though. Make sure you drink water all day leading up to the game and during (gatorade too). I like to pour some water in my cap before I put it on too, that will cool you down (back of neck especially). No matter the conditions though, you can typically run on adrenaline. You don’t want to have a big pre-game workout on a HOT day, but you can surely get “psyched.”

The biggest thing though, is water…you can’t have enough of it (even if you don’t drink it).

When it’s really hot and it’s like 98 degrees and not a breeze in sight, here’s a tip that can keep you a litter cooler.

Take some face cloths and soak them in water, then wring them out so their not dripping. Then place them in a plastic bag and place the bag and face cloths in the freezer. the night before your game or practice.

I usually make sure I have a supply of them in the freezer… about three face cloths per plastic bag.

The day of your game or practice, take the plastic bag and cloths and place in a larger plastic bag, then wrap it all up in a small towel. During between innings you’ ll have a nice clean refreshing face wipe for your face and the back of you neck.

Another tip, is to bring three or four old T-shirts with you. But before you pack them into your equipment bag, sprinkle the inside of each T-shirt with a health dose of baby or talcumn powder. In between innings you can remove your old T-shirt that’s soaked with a combination of your body oil and sweat… and put on a real refreshing T-shirt that’s not only cool… but the talcumn power will take that hot clamy feeling off your back, chest and shoulders.

Coach B.

Coach Bakers the man, where do you come up with all this stuff? :lol: :lol:

Man, you guys would not survive down here in Arizona. :no:

I just love pitching, I don’t care what weather as long as the give the ball to pitch[/youtube]

:lol: I don’t know how you do it, I wouldn’t even survive the trip going there.

Thanks for the tips CoachBaker, really appreciate it.

ya im gonna try that