Temperature changes

Being in Minnesota, I appreciate the changes in the seasons. I have noticed though that some kids just seem to pitch better in the chillier weather than on hot days and vice versa. So, I have two questions. 1) Is there really such a thing as a cold weather pitcher who does great in cold weather but flames out on hot days and 2) Is there an increased risk to injury in the colder weather due to muscles cooling too fast between innings?

I grew up playing baseball in upstate New York where, as a ninth-grade starting pitcher on the varsity team, we brought shovels to early-spring practices to rid the field of snow so the sun could unthaw the playing surface while we were in class.

One of my former catchers, a good friend who was drafted in the seventh-round of the MLB draft a few years ago, still to this day doesn’t believe me when I tell him about pitching in snow flurries. (He’s from Florida and went to to the Univ. of South Alabama.)

It’s been my experience that my best velocity occured in the summer (late June and July) when it was smokin’ hot outside. There could be numerous reasons for that, probably more of a mental thing than anything else, but for me it was: “the warmer the better.” So I’d try to mimic that “heat” by wearing long-sleeved Under Armour Turf Gear – even when it was 90-plus degrees outside.

But, if you asked the next guy, he’d probably tell you something different.

I too have found that my top velocity come with the rising temps. And as to the other question, during cold weather it is very dangerous to let the arm cool down even slightly between innings not to mention the lower velocity. get the blood flowing and so will the velocity. however fatigue could be a factor if you bundle up between innings during 105 degree heat.

i’ve always felt I throw alot harder at night…maybe it’s just in my head?

regardless of the weather, i have more confidence, i feel i have better stuff at night…lots of the guys i play with say they don’t see the ball as good at night because of the bad lighting on a few of our fields so maybe that could be it? I’ve hit better at night during the day, maybe i just got more life to me at night

That’s actually very true. Most ball parks across the country – outside of some top college and professional ball fields – are under-lit (it’s a money-thing), which gives a slight advantage to the pitcher.

Another thing is that your circadian rhythm (or biological clock) may just be tuned for better production at night. (It’s kind of like some people are morning people and some people are night people.)

Along those lines… One gripe that is common amongst many Chicago Cubs Major League pitchers that I’m friends with is that the Cubs’ mostly-DAY-game Home schedule and mostly-NIGHT-game Away schedule makes it extremely difficult to stay sharp – especially when the body is kept guessing from inconsistencies in scheduling.

Except for weekend games, most other Major League baseball teams just play night games. Bodies perform best when they’re able to daily stay on a set schedule.

I have always played baseball in Indiana and I personally think I do best in the early to middle spring. I dont like it when its smoking hot outside because I feel that since I sweat so much (I really do :D) I lose something. I love to pitch when its in the upper 60s or 70s. But I also feel that when I know its a big game, and I know I need to step up I can expect good things from myself that day (although sometimes it doesn’t turn out like that :frowning: )

Pitching in Florida, I always enjoyed a slight nip in the air. It made you feel rejuvenated which translated to a better mood and feeling of wellbeing.