Tell me just how much a fool i am

hello everyone, i am a 21 yo 6’1" 200lbs lefty pitcher that cant pitch competively right now because of my work schedule which is a night schedule, i throw a mid 80s sinker and a very good change up not much yet of a breaking ball, some sweeping curve i guess, i have average to slightly above average control and i want to get myself healthy and ready for 2011 where i want to attend an open mlb tryout in around 1 year from this point. i would then be 22 year old. what are the chances if any that i could ever get noticed out there, i mean just tell me the truth, i have such a passion that i will definetly do it anyway, just for the chance to say i did it but like could i even get to pitch minor league A ball or something, i mean i dont have much of anything else related to baseball, i can barely hit, i could probably not field any other position than pitcher and i probably dont have the baseball player instinct that would make me do things in a think fast mode, HECK i dont even know what are all those signs the catcher is throwing down when theres a guy on second. still i can bring the ball up there. i just need your opinion

You really don’t know until you try! You don’t want to be 30 wondering if you coulda.

thats exactly what im thinking right now, im doing it only because there is so much in my life that revolves around baseball yet i just cant play in a league. this is depressing. if i do have an oportunity to switch to a day shift at work i will clearly find a league somewhere somehow that will let me pitch this is such a passion i think about it all the time. i dont care if ill be in the 20s or 40s haha

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly.

Langston Hughes

Wow slew…I almost cried after that!

To be truthful to get noticed by mlb scouts you need to be hitting 90+ with your fastball, or have sick nasty stuff that moves. That’s a paraphrase of what i was told at the beginning of two tryouts i’ve attended.

If you do get a chance to talk with the scouts after they look at you, expect them to be honest, if they see potential they’ll let you know if not they’ll let you know. Just don’t get discouraged and don’t be afraid to ask if they noticed anything that you could improve upon. Scouts that i’ve dealt with have been really nice and open.

Remember you are being evaluated the moment you step on the field, so always hustle. Don’t slouch, they’ll be writing notes on everything from the way you walk to the look in your eyes, if you look scared on the mound they’ll make a note of that.

Be conscious of how your age affects you, I attended a tryout at 22 and was told that if I was right out of high school i’d be right where they’d expect me to be but since i was older i needed to show more velocity (i was only throwing mid 80s)