Teeth - Not That Important?

Watch the batter who clocks a home run, as he runs alone the first baseline. He actually taunts the other bench, and then …

This game, if not handled right, can find a player later on, eating nothing but soft foods, soup and lots of pudding. A guy doesn’t need teeth for that stuff.

See ya at the salad bar :buhbye:

Coach B.

What a tool. It’s one thing to get excited about hitting a home run, its another to disrespect your opponent.

It is kinda cool too see K-Rod before his major league call-up. He’s changed his mechanics since then

Maybe something happened earlier in the game that’s not in the video. Still, it doesn’t justify it.

Back in the 1930s there was a National League manager—probably the Giants, because in that decade everything seemed to be happening to them. Well. at one point the whole team was in a slump, they weren’t hitting, the pitching was lousy, you name it, and after the manager thought about it he came to the conclusion that the team’s problem was—DENTAL. So he decreed that every player, and the coaches too, had to go see the team dentist. Everyone went—except one outfielder who refused to go. The manager told him in no uncertain terms that he had to go see the dentist, whereupon the player reached into his mouth, pulled out a full set of dentures, shoved them into the manager’s hand and yelled at him, “Here, you take them to him and find out what’s wrong with them!” :slight_smile:

Would like to see that guy’s next at bat. :wink:

Did ya ever see such BIG Families…I mean the Coca-Cola family must have had what…50 guys there and the same with the Maltins…heck even looked like the umps were part of that family :wink: :shock:

If you watch the called shot…the Great Bambino taunted the Cubs in his entire circuit of the bags…

If that pitcher didn’t put one in someones ear next ab…well he would be very lonely in the clubhouse thereafter :?

This is why I love latin baseball…full contact :twisted:

What a game that must have been.
Who was that batter?