Teenage Pitching Velocity

I am 6’5 210 throwing 80ish at age16 how hard will I throw when i grow into my body?

Not even The Shadow knows. But around age 18 or 19, when you will have reached all your full growth or nearly so, you will know.

Here’s a velocity chart to see where your velocity is compared to others: 22 Ways To Increase Youth Pitching Velocity

Keep up the great work!

Well you’re absolutely gigantic for a 16 year old, so that will definitely help. Use that to your advantage! I’ve seen huge guys be soft tossers, and huge guys throw gas. That’s the beauty of pitching - you can do a lot with a little or vice versa.


Use this formula:

PV + (AD*5.326) = FV

Where PV = present velocity, AD = age difference, FV = Future velocity

(just kidding of course)