Technical baseball question

when does the pitcher can throw the ball ? when the batter has both feet in the batters box when the batter is looking at him or when he finished doing all the wavings with his bat and he’s standing in his hitting position? i throw without wind up and was looking to quick pitch the batters as much as i could without getting ruled a no pitch.

my answer would have been when the batter is ready to hit but willie stargell for exemple would only stop waving the bat when the pitcher was in his wind up so i guess as a no wind up pitcher batter have to be ready as soon as they get both feet in the batter box right?

You can pitch to him as soon as he get’s in batters box if he doesn’t put his hand up. SO Throw it in there as soon as he steps in ok. If the ump calls it a no pitch then don’t do it that game or wait like 1 second more.

that’s what makes it difficult becuase i stay there and try and get the signs as soon as possible but my catcher is slow so that kind of ruins it a bit. i asked him to get the signs down as soon as the pitch is back to me this is probably unortodox but it works now and i can get the ball back pretty fast. thats why i wondered how fast i can legally do it i tried different things and got called no pitch on a couple occasions and got some time out while i was pretty much delivering the ball. i think everybody is pretty confused right now about this way of pitching since most of them never saw me before even the umpires have a hard time calling me a couple games ago the ump had to pretty much stay crouched all the time i was working so fast. thank you by the way

that catcher is going to have to get that sign down even if you put it down before the batter gets in just change the signs up everytime around the order lol. Just fool around with pitching quick.

im the opposite I pause when I step back and sometimes I hold it then go that gets the hitter tired of sitting on there back leg lol.

You can throw it anytime after you have come to a “set” position. Make sure the plate umpire is familiar with your delivery and knows what your “set” position is. Otherwise he may call a balk or no pitch. Some hitters may request time after every pitch by putting their hand up to notify the umpire. Then you will have to wait for the ump to point to you to start your delivery.

Exactly. If the ball was previously dead or the umpire called time, then the umpire needs to visually (e.g. pointing to the pitcher) or verbally give the indicator to play ball.

Don’t stop your delivery just because the batter puts his hand up. The batter cannot call time out - he can only request it. It’s up to the umpire to decide whether or not to grant time-out.

Let’s say the batter puts his hand up and then steps out of the box assuming he got time out when even though the umpire didn’t grant him time out. According to NFHS rules, if you pitch the ball you will get an automatic strike called regardless of where the pitch is located.

I was just going to say that Roger.

Major league rules state that it is a balk if you pitch when the batter has one foot out of the box or even when the batter isn’t looking. Most major league pitchers don’t do that anyways but sometimes pitchers don’t look after they’re set and if the batter isn’t paying attention the ump will move the batter out of the box and call time to protect him. This is different for high school ball because they want to speed the game up the batter isn’t allowed to step out of the box with both feet and the pitcher can pitch it whenever he wants.

Ok I have a question why would you want to pitch it before the batter is in the box. That’s one of the rudest things you can do as a pitcher. If your a pitcher and your trying to do this you don’t belong on a ball field. That is pathetic. Why would you want to get a cheap throw on someone. Yea and once you do it they get pissed and crush the next pitch…hmmm not so good of an idea now was it? Now if he’s taking a lot of time yeah i guess maby but still theres no reason to do that. If the batters are constantly taking a lot of time tell the ump after the inning not in the middle of the game. Have some respect and be a man about it.

wow you people are a disgrace to pitchers…

ok so i NEVER said i wanted to pitch when the batter wasn’tin the box i said i want to quick pitch them to keep them off balance since i dont have any wind-up at all this is very uncomfortable as a hitter to be always getting pound with pitches without any timeto really take your breath. i get the ball put my left foot on the rubber my right foot behind it (im a lefty) and when i throw i just go straight forward to the plate without any leg kick or anything like i would be playing catch but at high speed. so that doesn’t give the hitter anything to time himself on and i wanted to know when was the sooner i could LEGALLY throw the ball and be as short as possible.

I just wouldn’t throw it when he’s not looking. Once I start looking at the pitcher I expect the ball so the sooner the better it doesn’t effect me but it may have an effect on others.

Nothing wrong with working fast to give the batter as little time as possible to get comfortable. That also helps keep your defense more focused since they won’t have time to start day-dreaming. But there are rules against “quick pitching”.