Team Rules and League Rules

Hey guys, i just joined a 13-14 house ball league in Michigan.
My team is looking pretty strong right now, as a pitcher i am either our 1 or 2 starter…im still in a battle with the other canidate for that position.

My team is built to hit and play defense but their is one major problem…there is only 2 pitchers on the team and of course we are fighting for the 1 and 2 spots (i think would be anyways but that is probably because im the only high schooler in the league (stupid late birthday and missing JV tryouts), all the coaches wanted to pick me up in the mock “draft” that they had)
League rules limit the 2 man staff and make it very hard to have one. My coach wants me and the other guy to keep our minds off of that while he locates a third guy to do the relief work.

League rules say that pitchers cannot throw more than 4 innings in a 40 hour time span and with 7 inning games our team is not going to make it with two games a week. My coach is a good one, teaches technique and execution before winning. He cares about our health more than the W on the scorecard. He proved this by establishing a “No curveball” rule which basically says a guy who gets caught throwing a curveball will be immediately yanked from the game.

My question is should i be concerned if we cant find another pitcher who can at least throw strikes?

I want to learn a breaking pitch of some kind so of course i have to inquire about a cutter and splitter. And the curve thing limits our only other pitcher that i know about. He is a catcher by trade but has a filthy curve ball and it is what he dominates with. (subpar fastball, and no change to speak of) he isnt really a pitcher but i guess i guy to go to when we need 1 or two innings to finish.

I’d let the coach be concerned…you just be ready to do your part and have fun.

How about a nice change? A Cutter dictates you throw a slide piece…Also you should never let another persons experience with a pitch control your thoughts about it…stay pitching and you can bet you’ll have a breaking ball, curve or slider. You can go a real long way though on a good to very good change coupled with say…a nice sinker to work with your fastball…might even get as far as college before you really start working Uncle Charles or the slider.

I wouldn’t be woried about being #1 or #2, all you really need is mound time and it looks like you will get your 3-4 innings each game. I would like to know that there is at least 1-2 more pitchers behind me to be available to get innings.

Your pitches, you can really go along way with 2 and 4 seam fast ball. a good change that slows down at least 10 mph and “Great Location”, if you can’t hit your spots you will struggle to dominate.

If your coach doesn’t want the curve so be it, maybe you could learn to throw a knuckle curve…knuckle you 1st 2 fingers and throw it like a fastball. You will get good movement down and left. (if you throw right handed) I think use of the curve is just a show pitch anyway live and die FB and Change.

pitched a scrimmage today. Coach didnt want anything but FB’s today and that is cool by me.

Stats- Pitching: 4IP 1H 6K 2BB 0 ER 55 pitches

Hitting- 1-1 R

I left the ball up today but guys were decieved by the movement on my pitches (he showed me a few different grips) i got 3 looking and 3 swinging. I also was fielding my position well. I also got to play an inning at first and helped the pitcher who replaced me pickoff a guy at first.

Funny story today, a guy decides to show bunt b4 i start the windup. The coach who is standing near me with balls for me to use comes up to me and says "Throw at him, he will learn not to do that once you hit him"
So i throw at him and he hits the deck and told me he isnt ever showing bunt early again.
My catcher surprised me, he was very good, i hadnt played with him before. Only my brother had caught me in the past and he didnt do so well today catching for my replacement.

And we have at least 5 pitchers now, im so relieved, guys decided to volunteer to try and one guy has such a lively arm he throws a natural curve. Not a curveball just a FB with late drop.

A circle change thrown like a two seam has great, no… awsome results if you get to know it well. Long toss will give you a better relationship with your grip and believe me once that happens you will get the results you are looking for. I believe what your coach preaches… Junk piches are exactly that… JUNK… young players seems to think that curveballs are the magic bullet of pitching and that could not be further from the truth. Baseball is and will always be a game of timing. A trained young hitter will see it comming a mile away, but not that change up though. I have seen more balls hit out of a park that was a curveball than any chnage up. Learn the Cutter… AKA Buzzsaw. My favorite pitch… ooooooohhhhhh man. I taught my older son this recently and he loves it. can’t wait to see it used in a game. should be fun. anyways, these two pitches with your sinker (two seam) and four seam should be GREAT. 8)