Team Captain

Just curious what everyone thinks are good characteristics of a team captain?

Here are a few

  1. Leadership- This means on the field, in the dugout, in the clubhouse, and just as importantly outside of baseball, in public and private.

  2. Composure- Composure must be maintained during good times and bad. During good time act like you’ve been there before; No showboating. When things go wrong captains should set the tone for the team, maintaining composure and playing all out til the last out of the game.

  3. Effort- Captains should give their all in practice, games, weigh trooms, clubhouses, etc. Its a case of monkey see, monkey do. Guys will be prone to follow the examples set by someone they respect.

  4. Respect- Captains must have the ability to show respect to coaches, officials, teammates, parents, friends. That respect will be returned in kind.

Ok so for being a team captain you have to obviously be a leader. Start a rally or continue a rally. Steal some bases if you can, show your teammates that you are good. Do not get mad at yourself and smash your helmet after k’ing that makes people want to stay away from you. Be like able don’t have anyone on you team dislike you remember there is no I in team. Be motivating encourage your teammates. Maybe after getting picked off pat them on the back say nice try. Don’t be that one person in the corner of the dugout sitting down be on the fence cheering your teammates on.