Teaching Youth Pitching

Hey I live in Australia and I am currently coaching an Under 10’s team.
We are entering the second half of the season and have about 4 very good players. Alot more advanced than the rest of the team.
I would like to teach them how to pitch. Currently I pitch to the batters during the game. I would like to teach them.
Can anyone provide any information to help with this? like drills, advice, articles etc?
I am also a pitcher myself and love to coach so I will find it easy to teach.

Thank you

Hey Great One, good to see you post again. Hows your arm?

Boy do I think you’ll get some advice…but to start, it would be best to know just what it is the boys you are instructing know. Where are they at? Do they throw in a fundementally sound fashion? That to me is always where you start. The more they throw properly the easier it’ll be to teach pitching. Are you familiar with the term “power position”? If so getting kids to understand this is very helpful in getting them to understand the athletic motion that is pitching. I won’t blab on because of the possibility that you have already done certain things, so, please tell us more.

My arm is much better, thank you for remembering and asking. I’m not pitching anywhere near as much as I used to now so the pain has almost ceased.
Now i concentrate more on coaching. I know i havent been here for a while but i felt i lost some passion for the game. I still believe I have to an extent. But I love coaching more than anything.

I am only teaching 4 of the boys how to pitch, the others still have another year in their division and do not yet throw correctly. The others throw hard and accurate. But out of the four I predict that one will be a future SS, one a future C, one a future 1B and the other will be a power pitcher.
I know that mechanics is the first thing to teach them, but i need drills haha. I basically learnt to pitch by myself. I never had anyone to teach me so i dont really know how to teach it.