Teaching and learning the change-up

Somehow we dug up an old thread! Nonetheless, very good points. The debate between rec and select will rage on, no doubt. I, personally, agree with both ouf you. It’s become very competitive out there. Rec baseball is great, for what it is and my son played many years of Rec ball. However, if you’re a serious player with a true love for the game, it is likely to halt your development. Even if you’re fortunate enough to be on the “the team”, it’s likely that you won’t be facing strong competition. As a pitcher, you need to face kids that can hit. Period. As a hitter, you need to chalk up quality at-bats by facing legitimate pitchers. Period. As a fielder, you need to face quality baserunning and quality coaching. Period. There is no better illustration than a showcase. It’s amazing how many quality ballplayers are out there. As to your point about the the 12-year old studs in Little League, I couldn’t agree more. We can all tell stories about that begin with “whatever happened to that unhittable kid that had everyone shaking in their spikes?”.

In the end, the debate between rec and select really just illustrates one of the basic principles that you read from so many of LTPs most experienced and educated members; to be the best, you need to play the best. I’ve also learned a few other things along the way. Here’s a few: (1) there is no substitute for repetition. However, hitting ball after ball incorrectly isn’t going to do it. You must practice with a purpose. My son’s pitching coach starts each session with the following question “what are you working on today?”. (2) DIET. I’ve been listening to LankyLeft, Kyle, and Coach Baker (among others) preach about this for quite some time. Well, my son went on a “quality calories” diet that a personal trainer put him on. Low and behold, more energy, more confidence, etc. Oh, and looks like a player in a baseball uniform…first impressions…yada, yada, yada. (3) Just be nice. Man, whatever happened to that? How about thanking your coach after practice and after games. How about shaking the umpires’ hand after the game? How about THANKING YOUR PARENTS? How about being an “unofficial” captain and picking up your teammates? There are a lot of quality baseball players but there are not nearly as many quality baseball players and quality kids as there should be. As you know, if people like a kid, that kid gets the benefit of the doubt.

Sorry for the long reply but there’s nothing good on TV!

I love good old threads, I really agree, if you can throw a 2 seam/4seam fastball then there is no reason why you can’t throw a palm ball or a simple star changeup.