Target weight

I’m about 6’1-6’2…what is my ideal weight i should be at?

it depends on your body type. be more concerned with your body fat levels and strength development. look up what normal body fat levels are for your age group and try to get there.

Body fat for athletes can range anywhere from 6% (which is close to unhealthy) to around 20%. Most people fall somewhere in between.

You want your strength:weight ratio to be high

185-210 i’d say. With like 12-15% bodyfat

In the Cubs organization, weight wasn’t as important as body fat %. Pitchers were expected to be around 12%.

how do you measure body fat

One way is with a skinfold test

you’ll need fat calipers and you have to measure certain areas on your body then compare on a chart.

Calipers are inaccurate unless being used by someone that knows what they’re doing. Most dietitians will know how to measure it, and probably some of the more knowledgeable personal trainers as well.

There are also scales that have bodyfat monitors in them. It’s pricey, but it should give you a decent ballpark figure.

you can use free online bodyfat calculators. They are only approximations, but will give you a general sense of your BF%. I saw about a 3% range after using about 10 different calculators. For me it was from 7-10 % body fat.

Wow, using this one I get between 4-8 %