Tanner Lorenz in JUCO World Series


Just thought I’d pass along that Tanner’s team, Iowa Western CC, has made it to the JUCO World Series. The tournament starts today with Tanner’s team playing Central Arizona CC who, according to the local radio coverage I’m currently listening to via streaming audio, features the best JUCO pitcher in the country. But Tanner’s team is considered an offensive powerhouse so it should be a good game.

BTW, Tanner is not pitching in today’s game.

You can find out more info - including the streaming radio broadcasts - here: http://www.jucogj.org/

Stole my thunder…I was waiting for the link…
I gave him the number for UNF…they haven’t called him back yet, I told him not to get discouraged.
Like one of our kids…I told him I’d buy him a sandwich…He said he might be getting a look in Fla this summer…

Tanner’s team won their first game. It’s a double-elimination tournament so they would’t have been knocked out if they had lost. But it’s a longer road to the championship and costs more pitching so this win is big.

Tanner is supposed to let me know when he’s scheduled to pitch and I’ll post up here once he I know.

Move it to the general forum…Let all the kids share. It’s all of our family here. :smiley:


Everyone, enjoy the success of one of our own!

And remember it’s desire that gets you there!
Tanner has walked the miles…No shortcuts.
We are all proud of him! :smiley: :ole: :mrgreen:

that’s awesome. I remember when he chose that school.

thanks guys! i probably will have to face the defending national champs…lol

Congrats man, here’s a tip to win:

Throw a perfect game.

Go Tanner!!! :allgood: Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! :onfire: :ole:

[quote=“Lizard King”]Congrats man, here’s a tip to win:

Throw a perfect game.[/quote]

You don’t get added points for a perfect game. :lol: :lol:

Have your team score more runs then you can let up. Will work also. :smiley:

Personally, I hope you do get the defending champs. The great players (like you) step up their game when the stakes are higher.

Good luck and have some fun out there!


Tanner’s team, Iowa Western CC (IWCC) lost in the second round and ended up dropping to the loser’s bracket where they faced Central Arizona CC (ACCC) - the team they beat in the first round. Tanner’s team lost and is now out of the tournament.

But it was an amazing game. The final score was 28-19. The lead changed hands early and it was tied 6-6 after 3 innings. ACCC jumped out to a 18-6 lead after the top of the 5th. But IWCC came back to take the lead 19-18 after 6. ACCC then took the lead for good piling on 10 more runs in the last 2 innings. There were 12 pitchers used in the game. The game was on the verge of being called for a run rule at one point but IWCC answered with some runs to keep the game going.

This was a great experience for Tanner. Given his long-term aspirations, this loss is just a bump in the road.


The final score was 28-19. [/quote]

I thought this was a baseball site, not football! 8)

That must be close to a record for runs scored, isn’t it?



you ould hate to be a pitcher in that game