Tanner Clark Pitching Analysis



Three things I see:

  1. Pick up a target with your eyes and stay locked on. You probably didn’t have one here, but I don’t see the fine focus on a target that helps our body move more directly towards the plate. Pick a very small, very specific target and lock on. I could sense you were focused strongly internally on your mechanics which makes us forget that we are throwing a ball at a target. Lock those eyes and be explosive DIRECTLY to that target.

  2. Don’t let your back leg collapse. I see that knee floating out past your back foot which takes a lot of energy down towards the ground rather than towards your target. Think of exploding your body sideways towards the plate rather than letting your weight collapse down on that back leg.

  3. Don’t swing your glove arm out of the way too early. Drive your front elbow right at the target (back to #1) and exaggerate that movement until it is natural. Get that glove out and front then drive your chest to the mitt. This will keep your hand and arm up and behind the ball rather than lagging behind and scooping under the ball.


-over-rotation toward second base during lift–3rd base direction is a good limit for that lift leg

-stride foot is already pointing home at equal and opposite–keep your front side lower half closed as long as possible

-limited forearm layback–it’s not horrible, but it’s reduced external rotation–try to keep that ball back as long as you can

-release point is at the front foot–not horrible, but it’s limiting. Try to release out in front. Keep your glove arm out front longer and get your chest to the glove. It will help get your upper body over and even in front of the lower half and allow that release point to move forward. Practice with a glove on your hand. When you are pitching, the weight of the glove impacts your balance more than you would think. A delivery with no glove is not the same as with a glove. Your body is learning two distinct delivery balances.