Tanner 13 y/o video analysis

Would like a little feedback. He’s in 8th grade, throws Fastball, change & curve.

He’s got a lot of good things going on early, with the exception of getting not getting his hips forward at hand separation. If he can get momentum down hill…he may be able to offset much of what I’m noting later in his delivery. Keep an eye on his glove side. He’s got a balance issue there. His glove is tucked very early and weight that should be going forward is falling off to the glove side and so is his head. You can see that, at cocking position, his head is leaning to the 1B side and that, at release, he’s looking at the ground to the first base side. At his follow through, you can see he may as well be throwing blindfolded.

Get his lead hip forward at hand separation, keep the glove moving toward the target as long as possible, and keep the head upright and eyes on the target for as long as possible.

Thank you, these are great points to follow through with. We will try to work on these the next time we throw.

Yes, get the hips moving down and toward the plate first…I believe the issues CoachPaul mentions might be a reaction to not getting much of a leg drive. Without the leg drive to power the rear hip through and create the power into foot strike which then should move up the kinetic chain, he is pulling hard with his glove and head to create the extra momentum of rotation to accelerate the arm to throw hard. Leave the glove out a bit and use it to “block off” or change rotation to forward movement towards home with chest and head following chest.
AS far as the drive…I just see the leg collapsing and rolling over rather than driving forward towards the plate.
As for the lift leg, he does a pretty good job with it, but remind him that the lift leg is to be passive, not reaching out or kicking (karate side kick), because that can lead to pulling the back side off before it can drive or opening up too early, you need to stay in that back leg until the point you can’t hold it any longer. The front leg should get out far enough so that you are pitching against it, not over it, but don’t reach out with it until very last second.

Honestly, all that is a lot to throw at a kid, so I’d concentrate on leading with the hip and keeping a load in that back leg until he has to drive, don’t let the leg rotate under until he has created the push towards the plate. But in all good, I really like his arm action and timing from what I can see at that angle.

Thank you, great insight. We are going to work on a few points that you’ve mentioned. I’ll video again and post soon.

Hey Largelar,

Just a little more on the video above. This is a flaw that I have seen with a lot with young pitchers. It is called Excessive Lateral Tilt or excessive lean toward the glove side. This is a concern for a number of reasons. First, it creates instability. Second, it can lead to flying open early and arm drag. Finally, there have been studies that have shown an increase on the amount of stress on the throwing arm and the elbow.

There are drills that can help keep the head steady. One of the drills you may try with the pitcher is the Torque and Trun. This drill can get him used to keeping his head fairly steady. Also, have him perform dry drills in front of a mirror. Getting in front of a mirror is important for the pitcher so they can see and feel the difference in what they are doing. Also get the pitcher on video and let him see what he does. This can help in getting him started on addressing the flaw.