Tanner 11U Analysis



Look at the ball position at the 9 sec point (pointed to 2B) and his head at the 10-11 second point. Also, there’s no separation between the lower and upper halves.


Early hip rotation causes him to fly open which is why his two halves aren’t separated. I would try to get him to develop early momentum with his lead leg and stay closed with his hips longer.


I’m not really seeing the lack of separation here. At the 9sec mark, when his arm reaches high cocked, his hips are rotated and his shoulders are closed. He does pronate early with the hand, which is more a product of when he breaks he points his thumb back behind him. I’d rather his thumb point towards his hip so that his hand has less of a tendency to end up pronated. The only other major issue I see is he pulls his glove into his chest. Could be why he pulls his head during trunk rotation. Clearing the glove side properly and cleaning up the little bit of arm action issue would be the two major things I’d work on. His lower half looks pretty good and honestly overall he looks pretty damn good for an 11 year old.


Thank you everyone. Tanner has some issues that need to be cleaned up, and I will look into what everyone has said. It helps a lot to hear some good opinions on what needs to be addressed.


Not sure if its the glove pull or just a head pull, but his head definitely goes offline starting at about the 8-9" mark on the slomo vid. That head pull is causing a balance shift towards 1st base which is causing his release point to elevate. It’s not super bad, but could be giving up a few mph of perceived velo along with some control to the lower part of the strike zone.


I have pictures of his head going twords the first base side of the mound when he releases the ball, like he’s overthrowing a little bit. I also see where his control would suffer. What is a drill that I could work with him on to correct his head movement? Thank you.



General rule is if you see a problem, that problem is usually not the cause of the problem but the symptom. In this case his head going to first base side is partly caused by shoulder tilt. The tilt, which you can see, right shoulder is higher than left, is to get his arm up into his arm slot. That’s normal. What’s not normal is that he does pull off a bit, which is possibly a result of him pulling his glove side into his chest and glove blocking. By doing that he stalls his trunk rotation and has to continue that rotation by pulling his head to the side.

Think about it like this. Rotation happens by your body rotating around a stable, braced spine (and front leg in the case of pitchers). If you impede that rotation your body will use whatever means necessary to try and get the job done. In this case it’s the head. Think about starting a sprint in a base stealing position, proper mechanics for initiating your body’s rotation to the right at the beginning of a sprint is for your head to start the movement. That’s what is happening here. The body knows it needs to keep turning so it’s using the head to try and continue the rotation. I would work on properly clearing the glove side and folding the glove side elbow down into the hip, not pulling the glove into his body.

Here’s a drill that can help him find the feel for what a good glove side should be like. Note that you don’t have to throw weighted balls like they do. You can simply do this with a regular baseball as part of his warm up throws, we do it as our first 3 sets of 5 throws at beginning our throwing program, backing up incrementally, so that we’re patterning good movements from the start.

Also there’s an attached picture of Marcus Stroman with good head tilt. Although he’s a hair farther along in his delivery than your son it’s the same concept.


What is the drill to get him to clear his glove correctly? Thank you for your response, it’s very informative.


Whoops, sorry. I thought I included the link. It’s called a pivot pick off. Goal is to initiate the glove side before the throwing side arm starts moving. Watch how he tucks it to hip but the glove still stays out front of his chest while he releases the ball.


It’s hard to see on your videos, but check to see if he has a late posture shift during his knee lift from his toes to his heel on his post foot. I don’t discount anything Slider97 is saying, but his glove pull just doesn’t seem that excessive to me. I think he may be falling off to the 1st base side (albeit slightly) from the get-go. Once you find where the balance shift is starting and fix it you should see his shoulders level out and his drag line straighten up. Right now his drag line looks to be shooting off to his right. Some NPA wall drills might help here as well as rocker drills.