Talon Herbert Pitching Log

My first day of college baseball practice will be Tuesday Sept. 14th.

Good luck, can you keep us posted on your progress.

i will be sure to.

It was my first day. All 12 pitchers threw a 30 pitch bullpen. I did fairly well, but was having some difficulty hitting my spots with the change and curveball. I hope to work on it more before our first game this saturday. [sept. 15 2010]

first game was today but we got rained out before I could get in. It’s just fall ball. Next game is next friday. 27 innings.

practice today was harsh, which just means I’m a bit out of shape. Threw a 30 pitch bullpen, and did fairly well, better than the last at least. I’m hitting my spots more consistently. Next game is friday the 24th, and I will be pitching for at least two innings for sure. Providing we don’t get rained out again. Next post will be the day after said game.

sorry to here about the rain out. sure you what have done fine. hideo nomo did.

by the way did you say 27 innings!?!!!

turns out it was oy 21. Three games of 7. I closed the 7th in the first game. 1k, 2 hits allowed: single and a double. two ground outs: 1-3 and 6-3. No runs allowed. Still need to work on command with my submarine curve. But I was hitting my spots with fastballs and changeups. Still “lost” that game 7-1. Didn’t pitch for the next two games. Lost second 13-1 and tied third 2-2. Fall ball=no extra innings.

I will be pitching for intra squad on wendnesday. It’s about time I earn some respect from my teammates. This is my chance to do that.My next scrimmage game will bw Saturday in Wenatchee, WA.

Correction. This saturday is Burlington. Two weeks from then is wenatchee

One game on friday Oct. 15th, two saturday. All against Wenatchee Valley. I’m ready to lay down a major whoopin this weekend.

didnt do so well in wneatchee… i will continue the log come spring time when our season begins

While building a model, i was drilling a whole in a piece of pvc, and the knife snapped shut on my index finger. i had to go to the hospital and have it glued back together. No bullpens or throwing for at least two weeks, and then after that i can only throw pirches that dont use my index finger for a while…I’ll keep you posted.

What sort of workouts can you do, when I broke my hand (during a game) last year I took the time off to get my cardio up.

I can do anything that doesn’t require moving my right hand too fast.

My not so triumphant return is here. I am back online and ready to take some names and kick some…you know the rest.
I managed to fail German and Pre-Calculus, losing my financial aid, and therefore get myself removed from the Grays Harbor College baseball team.
I cannot tell you how horrible it was watching my ex-teammates leaving their apartments dressed out to head to a game or practice. There are no words to describe the pain and suffering that caused me inside. Extreme mental anguish. I was diagnosed with depression later on. I do not know if that caused my failure in classes, or was a result of losing the sport I love most. About two weeks into my medication I got very angry at myself for being so weak and threw them away. I havent had a meltdown since.
I am making a big move to Iowa seeking employment. I will get there in time to get some good workout in before an open tryout for pro-ball July 8th. Just to see what my arm is worth, and finally get a radar on it. lol.
So wish me luck, and good luck to you all. btw my finger is fully recovered and good to go. I even made up a new pitch from my experience. I will be posting much more often now. Much more constructive than internet games and window shopping for cars.

Pitching Only
Not impressive whatsoever. But thought yall might enjoy it. Build some confidence in some guys.





I am ending this pitching log.
I am going to try to play ball this fall for Clark College in Vancouver, WA.
I will be starting a new log titled “When Life Gives You Lemons”. I may even start writing a book. That actually sounds like a good idea. If I become a success in my baseball career, then I will write of it and get it published. If I am not successful, I will just keep it for myself. Nobody likes a sob story