Tall and fall

could someone explain this technique bc i sorta got it but not completely

Forget about it!! It’s much too limiting and simplistic to be of any use.

The best way is to just watch. For the drop and drive a great example is Roger Clemens. What your looking for though is tall and fall the best example i have seen is Steve Trachsel of the Mets. If you can see highlights of both these pictures you will see a difference and it may help you understand.

Clemens is NOT drop 'n drive. Nor is he tall 'n fall. As I’ve stated before, my opinion is that these terms are pretty much useless because they limit a very complex motion to something that doesn’t tell very much of the story. I’ve heard it said that pitching is tall 'n fall in the beginning and drop 'n drive at the end. That isn’t too bad but I think it’s really just an attempt to force a simplistic term on this. My preference, neither. There’s so much more going on.

Tom Seaver is typically the pitcher I most associate with drop and drive. dm59 is right about Clemens: he’s not droping and driving or tall and falling. But regardless of what term you use to describe Clemens’s mechanics. They’re good!

[quote=“Steven Ellis”]…regardless of what term you use to describe Clemens’s mechanics. They’re good![/quote]You can’t go wrong studying those mechanics.

Well im going to just shut my mouth. Really hes a tall and fall. Man im clueless. Thanks for the correction though.

clemens probably has the best mechanics and i dont think their drop and drive

Some may argue, but in my opinion, “tall and fall” and “drop and drive” are not really different, but rather, terms used to help a pitcher get more of his body / legs into the pitch. Some players understand, or “get” one term over the other, for whatever reason.

It’s kind of like a hitting coach saying “hit through the ball” to one batter and “finish high” to the other; they both aim to do the same thing.

As others mentioned, studying Roger Clemens’ mechanics is a good idea, regardless of whether one wants to call him “tall and fall” or “dip and drive”.

(Meantime I’ll watch everyone come at me with their theories on who is falling and who is dipping!)