Tall and Fall Effectiveness

Is tall and fall an effective method in terms of generating velocity through your lower half?

I think “tall and fall” and “drop and drive” are kind of antiquated terms. The thinking now-a-days is to focus on getting your hips moving down the mound during leg lift. I guess if one of those terms helps you visualize that action then more power to you.


“Is tall and fall an effective method in terms of generating velocity through your lower half?”

First let’s dispel the belief that the legs are generating velocity at this timeline and what they are actually doing.

There are 2 distinct Kinetic chains being performed. The first one is the lengthening Kinetic chain that is performed all the way up until the Humerus reaches final outwards length in range of motion. The first acceleration phase (Rotational) does not start until this benchmark is reached. Up until this time there is no forwards movement of the ball and the leg’s have already stabilized the bodies length.

The leg’s job here is postural not driving.

The second, the shortening Kinetic chain starts with the Humerus (outwardly rotated) and glove foot already in position (most pitchers and throwers are late here making it a pathomechanic later) to start forwards force. This is when velocity starts and only the muscle contractions from this point forwards count towards forwards force.

The best way to use your leg’s is to use both of them by striding in their original lanes with a short contemplative stride that has you arrive (Humeral/forearm arrival) exactly at the same time as your Humerus and forearm so that you can now use your glove side leg to pull against while force coupling your glove arm back to your glove side cheek. This ensures you take advantage of the Walking reflex that starts powerful pelvic rotation then torso rotation. Stay tall while driving the ball and when recovering with 175 degrees of body rotation.

You are seeing more and more MLB power pitchers use these tenets every year.

Tall and fall, as well as drop and drive, are both capable of developing and delivering velocity. But, of the two, drop and drive levers the lower half much more because the legs are the starting point of the velocity generation. Tall and fall works more off of gravity.

Marry the two in way that works for you the best, and you’ll maximize your potential. Be mindful of how the core is positioned and utilized. Because without attention to that, both will end up leaving untapped velocity and potential. locked up.