Tall and Drive pitching

My new concept of pitching mechanics that deals with getting momentum while staying tall and driving off a bent back leg not a stiff one. Also openning up my hips before I land while staying closed.

Step 1. Step Back
Step 2. Move Forward/Gain Momentum
Step 3. Stay Tall
Step 4. Stride Out
Step 5. Make sure your back leg is bend and not stiff {so you can drive}
Step 6. When you are about to turn the foot over to land flex the leg so you can bring it back to the center line and point the toe and plant {This will make the hips open before landing}
Step 7. Stay closed While doing step 6 and then throw the ball

Ps remember to stay closed really good or it will not work.

Theses mechanics have worked for Tanner and Me and I’ve been studing MLb mechanics and have notcied that this is how they throw with there body.

Roger Clemens gains average momentum flexes back leg drives off it stays closed allows the hips to open by flexing front leg and turnning it over to plant and then throws with his body.

This will feel very different because the hips will open up before landing about 65%-90% which is more then the average high school/college pitcher.


bartolo colon look how he flexes the leg when he goes to turn over and plant. Look at his hips and how they open up.

Roger clemens

Look how he flexes leg then turns it over and gets the hips to open while staying closed.

look at the staying closed and tall and drive off a flexed back leg and how the hips open.

Nolan Ryan


Lands Flexed then stiffens the leg but you just need to land flexed
points toe and stays closed

John Smolts

Look how he does it. The all flex the leg and point the toe. look how the hips open if you do Tall and Drvie pitching

Kevin brown

look how he flexes back leg and front one as soon as he goes to plant and then throws with his whole body because his hips open up right before he lands

TIM LINCECUM does it too.

look at how he flexes both legs drives off the back one.
He lands flexed then hyperextens it but still is flexed when it hits
Points the toe at the target

Jeremy bonderman


They all have to same action with there legs/hips

         [b]Roy Oswalt[/b] 

Same as the others see a pattern with the front and back leg

heres how i see good pitching mechanics

  1. develop a first step that is comfortable and one that can give you good momentum, i prefer going straight back
  2. get a leg kick that you can get good balance with and start moving your hips at the target before your left leg get close to the ground
  3. stride sideways, left foot staying pointed towards thrd base if righty, leading with front hip
  4. swing the left leg and glove arm into foot plant
  5. land with your plant foot facing home or a little closed
  6. after that, i now believe you get good hip/shoulder separation from pulling your back knee forward and inward, which i dont quite understand completely, but steve says it works, roger or dm, maybe you can expand on that little bit
  7. release the ball over your front knee and keep your eyes on the target

thats basically what the lower part should do, arm action is farely simple but hard to get down…haha

dm or roger can you please expand on the whole pulling your back knee forward and inward?

This pulling the back knee forward and inward is something I disagree with Steven on. Sorry chief. I do not see the pros doing this and am not sure why it is recommended. I know people say it “facilitates” hip rotation but I believe it actually hinders it. If this move is a key component, why don’t the pros do it? When you pull that upper leg forward (not just the knee, of course) I suggest that there’s a corresponding backward force offsetting it. I’ve yet to see a pitcher who does this move actually get their upper body up and over the front foot at release. Typically, their release point is pulled back and they go up and over much later. It looks like they’re getting there but it’s well after the business is done.

Dm you are right tall and drive pitching what most pros do is flex the back leg and when they hit ground you rotate the hips and extend the back leg like Roger Clemens and people like scott kazmir.

Tanner look at the videos I posted with links you will find theres a pattern with how the front leg and back leg work. There is no pulling in off the leg.
You can drag the leg far but you need to stay tall and not not collasp the body and drive the back leg forward.

Dm and anyone else what do you think of tall and drive pitching?

i figured out part of my problem, my front knee keeps moving forward afte its planted instead of being at a 45 degree angle its more at a 90 degree angle, also, im starting to open my hips too soon, instead of at foot plant, jus some things i need to work on that should get rid of my back knee problem

tanner you want the hips to open before landing while staying closed your problem is upper body balance and momentum not the hip rotation ok.

I want to try this tall and drive pitching. It makes sense to me so…but my question is at what point in the delivery should my back leg start to bend? Should it be bent as soon as I lift my leg or what?

Right as soon as you are going to stride out ok.

And I think stepping sideways or back is ok. You just don’t have to step back.

I want everyone to look at all the videos and the fist post and see what im talking about. Becuase alot of you have not looked at tall and drive mechanics and how all the mlb pitchers I posted do it. No way you can’t say they don’t do it either because they all do the same thing with there own style.