Taking your pitching to the next level

Think of how your command of every pitch you throw would develop if you could actually see the strike zone you’re throwing at. Think of how many people are visual learners, especially youth players. We have never shown them anything more than a 2 dimensional hole behind the strike zone- UNTIL NOW!

3DKZONE allows a pitcher to pinpoint pitches and gives instant feedback on the actual location of a pitch IN THE STRIKE ZONE. Anyone who is serious about pitching at the next level needs a 3DKZONE.

By the way the guy in the video is me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new way to revolutionize pitching and conceptualize the strike zone. The hundreds of pitchers that I have worked with ranging from 6 years old to 30 years old have experienced such noticeable improvement from working with the 3DKZONE- The first time using it on average people can only throw 3 or 4 pitches out of 10 for strikes. This has changed in so many pitchers to 7 or 8 out of 10 pitches for strikes. The results speak for themselves.

This post is an egregious example of someone using the LTP forum for the purpose of free advertising.

This identical advertisement was also posted in the General section of LTP.

Maybe so - but I say give him a one-time pass… looks like a great product that we all should know about. Perhaps the pros and cons of such a product should be discussed by the group; and any other products people on this site have used as well, for that matter.

EXACTLY haha the goal is for people to get better that’s why it is on here! Let me know what you think about it and how it could help kids visualize the invisible

Advertising is prohibited on this site. When I saw the first post for this product, I was inclined to give it a one-time pass because the post as “generic” enough that it could have been that the original poster simply wanted to discuss the merits of the product. But now that the same post has appeared in multiple forums, it seems the goal is not to discuss the product’s merits but to create visibility - advertising.

Please refrain from posting advertising on this site. I will leave this thread for discussion of the product but I will lock or delete the other posts.

re: “EXACTLY haha the goal is for people to get better that’s why it is on here!”

--------Sez you. Is that also why you posted the exact same message in both the General section and the Mechanics section? I think your goal is to advertise your product without paying LTP for advertising space. haha

Disclose your price point also please.
It was just a matter of time before the product like this came out.
Is it of any use outside?
I have used the old, “use of strings” method to create a visual zone…cost me about 20 minutes 4 stakes and some string.
I also agree that it’s ok to talk about your gimmick/device/invention here (In a thread. A single “what about this” kind of deal…we like learning…we don’t capitalize on the kids who come here.) and I think it can be of some assitance, but more for someone who owns a facility…add a decent gun (Theres a deal…partner with Juggs) in the works and you’ll likely get a whole bunch of colleges to line up, heck they might even go for it as is. Unless it has application to where a kid and dad can use it in the backyard, I feel that and possibly some well funded high schools, is where your market is.
I would share your link with people who I know, who own facilities…understand one thing though…if they find out you are some rinky-dink fly-by-nighter…we’ll be happy to share that info too.

I don’t think you will revolutionize pitching but I do think you get high marks for stealing ad space.

Despite the name it is essentially a 2d area approximating a strike zone and as such has no more value than JDs strings or a net or any other piece of mat. But if you can convince some poor putz to drop 400 bucks plus shipping I guess you’ve got something. :roll:

I’d rather see the kids drop 300 on lessons with a good instructor and 100 on building a mound and getting some kind of backstop.

This is just hilarious. Here’s a quote from the 3dkzone website:

"Satchel Paige developed tremendous control by aiming at a matchbook cover tacked to a wall. "

After reminding us of that, they go on to tell us why we should pay $399.95 (hey!–that’s less than 400 bucks!) to 3dkzone for a multi-colored cushion shaped like a strike zone, mounted on sturdy metal feet.

Thanks for everything, but I’ll take the matchbook and tack solution for about 5 cents and hope to be as 1/10th as good as Satchel Paige.

Now, if 3dkzone were selling the software that makes their $400 (er, sorry…$399.95) mounted cushion look like a cool must-have toy…oh wait a sec, DartFish Company sells that.

What do you guys think of this product? (Not advertising - just asking!)

[quote=“structuredoc”]What do you guys think of this product? (Not advertising - just asking!)


Was actually just thinking about picking this up for my pitching lessons… I’ll let you know in the coming weeks.

I have and use the leather pitching target in all of my lessons. It makes a nice “pop” sound when the ball hits it. And, if you’re into Perry Husband’s Effective Velocity, the stitching on the target maps very closely to the way Perry carves up the strike zone.

The frame, net and target (professional model) are pretty durable.

It seems to me that one can do very nicely with something I used to do when I was a little snip.
I would get a catcher, and either he would mark off a pitcher’s rubber and a home plate with chalk, or if we could get to an unused playing field I would take the mound and he would set up behind the plate. We would then play a little game we called “ball and strike”; the catcher would position his mitt in various spots, high, low, inside, outside, every which way but standing on his head :lol:, and my job was to get the ball smack-dab into the pocket of the mitt. This was more than just a drill; it was a terrific workout and a whole lot of fun, and what a good satisfying feeling it was to hear that “thwack” as the ball hit the pocket. I did this with all my pitches, working from the full windup and from the stretch, using the crossfire, and on occasion we would get someone to stand in the batter’s box so I could really zero in on the strike zone (which in my day was bigger than it is now). Believe me, there is no better way to sharpen one’s control and get a real sense of the strike zone. One does not need gimmicks, especially those costing an arm and a leg and half of the other arm!
And I agree, this forum is no place for dubious sales pitches.

Why didn’t anyone ever think of this before?

If you could combine the 3DKZONE with a free 3DSLAPCHOP I’d take one. Vince is a great guy and he’s in his own commercial too. I like buying stuff from guys who have their own commercial. It’s like buying from a moviestar. I could revolutionize my salad making while getting my son to the next level in pitching.

The 3DSLAPCHOP actually lets you see the salad in three dimensions. Serious about salad making? Check it out.

ohhhh Dino so baaaaaddd :roll:
But ya know…!!! I vaguely tantalized and suddenly feel like googling Ron Popiel and buying everything he offers… :bigthink: he has stuff that; slices dices AND cuts julian fries…$19.99…must give someone $19.99… :bigb: :shocking:


I think there is nothing better than throwing to the catcher’s mitt, BUT…

when your son wants to work on target practice 3 days/week and his dad is working and he can’t find a catcher who is willing to suit up every other day for someone else’s benefit, it behooves him to have a tool such as the ones mentioned here at his disposal. One that is safe, sturdy, durable, provides feedback, etc. Sure, he could find a brick wall to throw at (I think I read somewhere this is what Maddux used to do), but wouldn’t you prefer to throw at a target that won’t ruin the baseball and also get to pitch from your portable mound right out in your backyard?

Doc’s right Zita.
Remember the era you threw in…folks actually walked places…heck in Chicago in the 50’s people would actually sleep in their front yard in the summer because it was so hot…bet that wouldn’t happen today…without some Pinkerton Security folks setting up a parimeter that is…
The price point on this is like I mentioned…not really practical for everyday folks…(Of course they do drop serious change on bats…and cleats and custom gloves and travelball…and p coaches…well they might spend the money if they had any left after dad gets foreclosed on for all the other spending).
A serious pitching candidate will have something he can throw to when no one is present…mine has a net and a traffic cone (Don’t know where it came from Dino I swear :shock: )…a bit less expensive…well 3 times less expensive but who is counting.