Taking time off?

Should a 14 year old take time off from throwing? He threw from Feb to Sept. No ball from Sept to March.

Short answer: yes. Ideally take about 12 weeks off from throwing.

Short answer: I guess.

Long answer: No one wants to read it.

Your thoughts plz? Should a 14 year old take some time off? If yes, how long? No pitching until Jan. What about throwing?

I will say none of our guys in that age range are planning on taking time off from throwing.

Some of the older guys are. The pros working with me now are taking time off throwing baseballs but that’s much different.

I am in agreement with KyleB on this one. I don’t think time off is really needed unless there is a specific reason for it such as an injury. Especially if you are a high school kid - throw all the time! Take a break from throwing off a mound but keep playing catch. Throwing is something you should be doing year around for multiple reasons.

Hey, I was browsing through and I saw this, if I were you look at this website. http://www.jaegersports.com Look around this website or even give them a call. Extremely helpful and best in the game. For my self to get ready for baseball season in Feb. I take 6-8 weeks off from about October to late November,early December. Once you have had a good solid resting period I would suggest using bands and starting a slow throwing program. As you know, A pitcher needs about 6 weeks to have a solid base for the long season. That means 6 weeks of progressive throwing before you step on the mound. If you want me to go more into detail just send me a buzz. Always here.

All of our high school pitchers who play summer and fall travel ball take 8 weeks off from throwing Nov-Dec. It gives us time to fix some biomechanical issues and them a mental break. As strength & conditioning coaches we wish they’d take 12-weeks off so we could hit the weights a little longer, but in this Florida weather our guys are itching after 8 weeks. Our MLB guys take 10-12 weeks off from throwing.