Taking the ball out of the glove at hand break

I was wondering what the view is on taking the ball out of the glove, whether or not the palm is facing down or up or to the side.

Palm down, thumb under.

The NPA teaches - especially for young pitchers - presetting the hand/wrist angle (i.e. pronation/supination) in the glove based on the pitch you’re going to throw. Based on this, the answer is “it depends”.

This is very strange to me Roger. I usually support most of what the NPA says, but I’ve never seen a professional use this. I’m not saying that it’s wrong or doesn’t serve it’s purpose, just have never seen it.

Like I said, they use this teach especially with youngsters to help ensure proper positioning and, in the case of breaking pitches, to ensure supination is achieved before arm acceleration. At older levels, it does become a risk for tipping your pitches.

I see, makes sense.