Taking IBUPROFEN before throwing

thoughts? good for your arm? bad for your arm?
I know that I never feel soreness while throwing which helps me as a pitcher b/c I don’t have to think worry about soreness. Is this good? or could it be damaging?

I know one pitcher who ate ib like that before games. I’m not trying to scare but his Sr. year was ruined when he developed ulcerated stomach lining and had to have abdominal surgery at the start of his year. He was a very hard throwing kid, good sized, just over-used and thought he could take a shortcut. If your arm is sore there is a reason, either prepare better or learn how to mitigate post the event. Doing this as a preventative is just risky and foolish.

Yep. It is very risky, last year before one of my starts I decided to take an IBP and it cost me a week in the hospital due to a bleeding stomach ulcer. While in the bullpen before the game I told my catcher I felt very sick and dizzy… next thing I did was bend over and throw up blood. Probably one of the scariest moment of my life. I then proceeded to throw up probably 7 or 8 more times losing 2 pints of blood. Luckily it healed and I was able to get back to baseball but you might not be so lucky… BE SMART

There is a reason that people feel pain, soreness, ect. It is more than just something to tell you to stop what you are doing… it is also a learning device in baseball to say you might be doing something wrong and might want to work on that area of your development. In addition, I believe a lot of those medications thin the blood… This way you have less blood flowing and could cut down on your oxygen source and energy while pitching. In the end, I dont think it is a very good idea.

My coach says that we should play long toss and work THROUGH our arm soreness in order to build our arms stronger. Wouldn’t the ibuprofen help me work through the soreness. (as long as I don’t work too much and end up injuring something)

Ibuprofen and other medications like it—Advil, Motrin, stuff like that—can really screw up your stomach and digestive system, and you would be wise to steer clear of it. The soreness pitchers experience is something that tells them that they’re doing something wrong, pitching-wise, and they need to address that problem instead of taking medicine that can only lead to gastrointestinal problems such as you described. If you feel you absolutely have to take some medication, ask your doctor about getting a prescription for one of several NSAIDs (non-steroid antiinflammatory drugs), and if you get it take it exactly as your doctor directs. And do get with a good pitching coach or trainer who really knows his stuff. 8)

Oh my that is brutal having that as a result of not wanting arm soreness.

I wouldn’t take it before a game or workout. Use an ointment like Icy/Hot or capsaicin (Caps really gets your joints and muscles warmed up). Ibuprofen thins blood out and sends less blood to your muscles, it’s something you want to use to reduce inflammation during an injury. Soreness use ointment, injury use Ibuprofen.

try to use pills as a last resort. Ice is amazing and ointments help with pain.

In the small quantities that most people might take (1 tablet, for example) it may not have much effect. But nearly every player I played with that used to take Alieve/Ibuprofen ALWAYS ended up adding more and more as the season progressed. If your arm is so sore that you’re considering taking the stuff, opting for a day (or 2 or 3, even) off from throwing is a far better remedy.

Take fish oils instead. A much more effective anti-inflammatory in my opinion.

fish oils are high in fatty but they wont ruin your stomach lining if taken in high dosages.